Huawei P10 Plus: More Phone Than Most Phones

Huawei P10 Plus Rear View

Huawei is very nearly toppling Apple on the smartphone maker charts and it isn’t without solid reasons. The Chinese phone maker has been creating one flagship after another that has gone on to change the way people see and use their phone. The latest in that line-up of flagships is the Huawei P10 Plus. I put it through the grind and here is what I experienced with this impressive device

Huawei P10 Plus Rear View

Before getting fully into my experience with this device, let me get a few details out of the way. I got the “standard” version of the P10 Plus, meaning it had 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage, not the “premium”one that has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. I got the black version. This EMUI version on it was 5.1 that was based on Android 7.0. So all my statements and experiences below are of this version. For the rest of the specifications you can check the Huawei website.

Getting right into it, first the look and build of the device. This phone feels very good to hold and use. The matte finish on the rear side makes it more sturdy when it comes to smudges and fingerprints resulting from extended usage. The frame is thin and very comfortable to keep in your pocket and use. The dimensions make it very easy to use with a single hand and that is a big plus given the hectic schedules we have today. I never had it slipping out of my hands even once. The box had a back cover in it, but the feel of the phone was so good that I decided against using it and it is sturdy and durable so no issues with that decision

Huawei P10 Plus in the garden

Every smartphone experience begins with the setting up and data migration to the phone and that was a breeze with this phone. There are options to restore data from your other devices that range from Bluetooth to NFC and these are really convenient. The 64 GB of internal storage was ample space for me to get my personal data and multimedia quickly on the device. I am someone who wants my phone unlocked in a jiffy and the really nippy and fast fingerprint reader was there to do just that for me. There was not a single time that there was any issue with the phone reading my fingerprint and unlocking the phone.

EMUI from Huawei is one of my favorite Android skins and there are reasons for that, nothing is more than three taps away. That is a big plus in the middle of work or a busy day of meetings when I want things done fast. The image gallery automatically sorts itself in very many useful ways. You can have images arranged by location, this makes it perfect to find that great shot from your last vacation to Pattaya. Then there is the ability to sort it by date and albums and other options. This means a ton to me. I carry all my memories on my phone and finding them fast means the world to me. And there are the work-related files that move with me whenever I do, all that is very thoughtfully handled with the Huawei Cloud option if you opt for it. That ensures all files on all Huawei devices. Good thing to have from a productivity angle

Huawei P10 Plus Front View

The camera in a smartphone is a very important thing today. The purchase decision and brand loyalty swings either way just on how good or bad the camera on a smartphone is. Huawei is a master at the camera game and they are pioneers in the dual camera setup that is now becoming the norm that any smartphone is expected to live up to. The partnership with Leica has stood them in good stead here and the P10 Plus is standing testament to that. While other phone makers are struggling to find the right camera setup and software interface, Huawei is miles ahead of all of them.

The Leica powered dual camera on the P10 Plus is like having a DSLR embedded into your smartphone and delivers brilliant pictures every time you click them. There is a plethora of modes to choose from starting with the simple photo mode right up to a pro mode where you can make granular changes to any aspect of capturing the photo. There is an option of artistic bokeh even with the front camera and it lends character to your selfies. The video capture is also vivid. The imaging department is one that Huawei has been topping consistently and the P10 Plus is the pinnacle of that. One of the best smartphone cameras that I have used.

The battery stands you in good stead for a day and half if you are a moderate user and a good whole day if you are a power user of the smartphone. There are many battery tuning options available in the EMUI interface that you can use. The device has excellent sound output both through the speaker and headphones. There are a lot of other nifty features like NFC and Bluetooth. The phone comes with an IR blaster, this means that the P10 Plus can double up as your TV remote at home. This is one feature you will appreciate when you are in a constant tussle with your teenage kid for control of the remote.

So all in all, what I have experienced with the Huawei P10 Plus in the past weeks is that the phone is a productivity assistant for your business and work needs. It can easily double up as your trusty DSLR when you need to make memories permanent. It also can carry your multimedia library around for you. The phone multitasks very easily without breaking a sweat and handles gaming without any noticeable stutter. So in a nutshell – it is more phone that most phones! And that is rare and very impressive.


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