Oracle Hospitality Brings In Sports and Entertainment Marketplace To The Cloud

Cloud Computing

With advanced and powerful new products and services ranging from next generation POS technology to integrated loss prevention and data science cloud services, major companies across the sports and entertainment marketplace continue to find a foundation for innovation with Oracle Hospitality.

Cloud Computing

The combination of cloud-based food and beverage management software and ruggedized mobile POS from Oracle Hospitality enables sports and entertainment venues, such as stadiums and theme parks, to increase speed of service, maximize operational efficiency, and manage loyalty and season-ticket holder programs—all while receiving detailed real-time reporting and analytics.

“Oracle Hospitality’s proven track record and commitment to the sports and entertainment marketplace is evident by our progress in product innovation,” said Dan Bell, Vice President, Sports & Entertainment, Oracle Hospitality. “Oracle is investing millions in R&D and support to enable venue operators to deliver the service that fans want and expect. Our food and beverage platform scales to support the largest sporting and entertainment venues and offers the ability to conduct iterative innovation through cloud deployment to improve the overall fan experience.”

Research conducted by Oracle Hospitality makes it abundantly clear what fans want: speed and reliability. Forty-five percent of fans around the world had abandoned lines at events because the wait was too long. The Simphony Cloud platform can reduce waiting time with high-performance cloud POS delivered on integrated hardware for kiosks and mobility. Oracle Hospitality’s flexible Gift & Loyalty solution integrates with the POS to support fan recognition and personalization. An integrated back office suite offers cloud solutions designed to minimize costs, waste, and theft while delivering extensive reporting capabilities.

In addition to driving more personalized fan experiences, Oracle Hospitality also provides stadiums with tools to optimize event-day operations from beginning to end through Simphony Venue Management, which can track inventory and food costs, and Simphony Suites Management, which can help streamline production of advance food orders, pantries and the timed distribution of orders to event suites.

Product and Service Innovation

Oracle Hospitality also continues to release significant new products and services to support ongoing customer innovation and fan engagement, including:

  • The launch of the Oracle MICROS 720 tablets—durable and rugged mobile POS engineered for hospitality and large venue environments;
  • The launch and integration of Oracle Hospitality Data Science Cloud Services—on-demand data mining services that give operators access to the latest machine-learning tools to help improve forecasting and deliver up- and cross-selling insights directly on the POS terminals;
  • Powerful new reporting capabilities with Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics 9.0 – operators can take advantage of an extended reporting platform, from KPIs via dashboards on mobile devices to comprehensive pivot tables and drill-down analysis. Reporting and Analytics offers the power of Oracle Business Intelligence at no charge for users of Simphony Premium;
  • The launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9—extending the core functionality of the Simphony food and beverage management platform with new events management enhanced functionality that is optimized for the sports and entertainment industry.

Industry-wide Domain Expertise and Insight

With more than 35 years of experience in the sports and entertainment space, Oracle Hospitality understands the complexities that comprise this unique environment. We share this insight through providing original research to our customers, partners and the industry, to shed light on fan and guest trends and opportunities. Recent reports include the Oracle Hospitality Fan Experience Report, which details how consumers want technology to fuel their experience at sporting and concert venues, and the Oracle Hospitality Restaurant 2025 Report which outlines how consumers expect new and innovative technologies to reinvent their hospitality experience by the year 2025.

From stadiums to theme parks, the cloud-based delivery of the Simphony platform combined with extensibility and integration capabilities, allow the sports and entertainment industry to continuously innovate the experience for fans and guests at events and concerts. The inclusion of new apps and trends is key. In the past 12 months, Oracle Hospitality has added additional value to the Simphony platform through a variety of strategic relationships and integrations, including with QikServe and FreedomPay.

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