OnePlus 5T: Built For Accessibility

OnePlus 5T Dual camera

The OnePlus 5T has made an impression on markets worldwide and people are loving the device for a lot of reasons. First it is the hardware that is top notch and then there is the smooth UI and software that make the experience very good. But there is another set of people who are very happy with the OnePlus 5T. This set of people always have challenges with devices and the OnePlus 5T seems to have helped them alleviate a few of those.

There are millions of differently-able people in the world and they have a huge challenge when it comes to using any device or service that is not designed with them in mind. Sadly most of the services and devices today fall under this category.

OnePlus has thought of accessibility and made an integrated part of the OnePlus 5T. There are many options that are baked into Oxygen OS to help the challenged people use this device and get the most out of it. This is a very encouraging and necessary trend that will go a long way in bringing in universal usability and access to technology and services that improve quality of life. Let us take a detailed look at this below


The accessibility options in Oxygen OS range from interactive talk back to screen magnification. These options actually help the challenged users to get a better experience out of their mobile. Talkback essentially helps to understand the responses from the device, or an app spoken out rather than written on the screen.  For the visually challenged, this will make using the phone a very friendly and practical experience. There is also he option of selecting a set of text to be read out.

There are options to magnify an area of the screen to enable easy reading. This helps people with difficulty in reading to get a clearer picture of the screen contents. There are also options to set a high contrast display mode to enable easy reading of the display. There are also other options as seen below

Let is try and understand why this is important. When large and successful brands like OnePlus start thinking about accessibility, the inclusion factor of universal design gets a fillip that is long overdue and this makes a difference globally for people with disabilities. A smartphone today is indispensable and sometimes the key to survival in today’s pace. Putting that in the hands of disabled people makes their shot at a fair life much easier. Big Hat tip to OnePlus for this. Never Settle!

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