How To Convert PDF Anywhere With Able2Extract

Did you know that the PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed 20+ years ago? Unbelievable, right? Nowadays, it seems that PDFs are used just about everywhere – from schools and government institutions to countless other industries and business fields.

It’s safe to say that the PDF is a mainstream file format. After all, a staggering 77% (a ballpark figure) of all electronic documents on the web are in PDF format. Roughly, over 2.5 trillion PDF documents are looming around the world (trust us, we googled it). Let that sink in for a moment.

Why PDF? In plain language, a PDF file will look completely the same on any computer and in print because they preserve the formatting of the original document. On the one hand, PDFs are the way to go when you need to quickly and conveniently disseminate information such as text and visuals. But, on the other hand, PDFs are a tough nut to crack when it comes to modifying content.

This is a huge deal and, let’s face it, everyone likes to take the easy way out. Now, we’ve come to our main point – the solution. We’ll show you how to convert PDF to an easy-to-update file format like MS Word. The best part – thanks to the guys from Investintech, you can do it from anywhere, no matter what device you have at your disposal.

How to Convert PDF on Desktop/Laptop

In order to convert a PDF file to Word on a PC, you’ll need to equip yourself with a dedicated PDF software tool first. We’ve got just the right tool for the job – Able2Extract. Just download the software (7-day free trial) and follow the steps below.

Open PDF

Once you’ve installed and opened Able2Extract click on the Open icon, locate the PDF file you wish to convert and click Open.


Select Area

Now, you need to determine whether you want to convert the whole PDF document or just some parts of it. To select the whole document, click on All and you’re good to go. If you want to convert a portion of the file, click on Area and draw rectangles around the desired content.


Convert PDF to Word

All you need to do now is to click on the Word icon and Able2Extract will perform the conversion process. Afterwards, MS Word will automatically open the file.


How to Convert PDF on iPhone/iPad

Likewise, when it comes down to converting PDFs on iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to download Able2Extractmobile  app from iTunes ($9.99). The process is straightforward as it gets:

  1. Locate the desired PDF file on your iOS device.ios1
  2. Select MS Word output format.io2
  3. The conversion will start immediately. When converted, the Word file will appear in the list.

How to Convert PDF on Android

You know the drill – head over to Google Play Store and download Able2Extract PDF Converter (free, but has in-app purchases).

  1. Open the app, tap on the + icon and select the PDF file you wish to convert.android1
  2. Select MS Word output format.android2
  3. The conversion process will start. Note that It takes around 1 hour to complete the conversion process. However, if you opt to purchase a lifetime of fast conversion, the conversion process will be done in a few minutes.android3There you have it. With Able2Extract, you’re ready to tackle all of your PDF conversion tasks regardless of your location: home, office, restaurant, park… literally anywhere. Make sure to give Investintech tools a try and leave us your impressions in the comments below.

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