HackerEarth launches Sprint 2.0, a Next-Gen solution for Innovation Management


HackerEarth, a leader in innovation management, has announced the launch of Sprint 2.0, the Next-Gen Innovation Management Software, which helps companies to solve critical business problems by crowdsourcing solutions from internal and external audiences.

In the last 2 years, HackerEarth has worked with more than 275 enterprise customers helping them solve over 900 business problems. More than 50,000 ideas have been submitted and more than 15,000 solutions have been delivered across various business and technology domains.

Sprint 2.0 will help organizations in solving key business problems by crowd-sourcing solutions from internal stakeholders such as employees, partners or customers or from external communities like the HackerEarth developer community. The new avatar of Sprint leverages the contextual intelligence that it has learned from running more than 1000 internal and open innovation campaigns. In addition to being built on top of data-based insights, the new version also boasts of features like a dedicated internal innovation portal for organizations, greater collaboration between teams, highly configurable campaign formats, customisable  judging criteria and data security on the cloud through multi-tenancy.

Sprint 2.0 is highly customisable which makes it adaptable with the different processes followed in various industries and tackles a wide variety of business problems. With its unique combination of a data-driven platform and a holistic solution that helps organizations drive both internal and open innovation, it provides a one-stop solution to companies as compared to most other innovation management solution that only focus on idea management. In the coming few months, Sprint 2.0 will also have specialized capabilities that will provide specific solutions for different industries and technology domains.

HackerEarth has received great feedback from the industry and the developer community since the launch of Sprint in 2015. Sprint is currently being used by more than 500 customers including MNCs, banks, IT companies and e-commerce companies. HackerEarth also hosts a global network of top developers which companies can tap into through Sprint, to generate ideas and solutions. GE, IBM, Wipro, Walmart Labs and Bosch are some of the companies using Sprint. HackerEarth has more than 1.6 million developers on its platform.

Sprint 2.0 Features

  • Bring multiple stakeholders together on a common platform to innovate
    • Multiple phases
    • Multiple ideas
  • Manage campaigns with complete control
    • Control user participation
    • Customize team sizes and submission formats
    • Manage rewards
  • Evaluate and shortlist ideas for execution
    • Shortlist ideas and invite multiple judges to evaluate ideas
    • Customize judging criteria
  • Enable collaboration across teams and stakeholders
    • Discussion forum for better coordination among participants
    • Campaign update announcements
    • Social actions and communication center
  • Detailed data driven insights to stay on top of your campaigns
    • Campaign analytics
    • Download campaign reports

 Sachin Gupta, CEO and Cofounder, HackerEarth

“We are excited to announce the launch of Sprint 2.0. While earlier, Sprint just focussed on crowdsourcing solutions from the developers’ community, the new version will focus on creating a holistic innovation management unit within a company, paving the way for greater creativity and a culture of innovation. The core motivation behind the new version was encapsulating the learnings that we had got through 1000 innovation campaigns over the last 2 years and weave the rich data intelligence into the product. We have also increased our focus on security, customization and verticalization of the product across various industries. In this age of rapid digital disruption, businesses are facing existential business problems, Sprint is an indispensable platform for business to tackle these problems through both internal and external audiences.”

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