Itron looks to engage with Innovators at the Itron India Hackathon


Hackathons are great platforms for getting innovators and backers of innovation together to leverage synergy and get the ball rolling on solving key issues using cutting edge tech and disruptive thinking. Itron India today opened it’s gates to innovators and hosted a 24 hour hackathon to get unique solutions in the lines of smart energy, smart water and smart cities

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. Itron provides solutions to utilities and cities that help them better manage resources. With 160 million communications devices deployed, Itron is leading the way in connected devices. They are currently building the next wave of utility and smart city applications that will utilize smart devices, networks and cloud infrastructure to enable an Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem. Their R&D teams are developing innovative, mains-powered, and battery-powered IoT development kits comprising hardware and software to allow opportunities for new applications and solutions to utility operational challenges and provide new services for cities to offer their citizens.

With such a strong background and an exhaustive knowledge base at their disposal, Itron wanted to engage with innovators to try and see how they can use their partner network to solve critical problems. They gave participating teams access to  their technology platforms. They are :

Itron Riva Dev LE

Itron Riva development kits enable the rapid prototyping and development of devices and applications on a field area network, including Itron’s OpenWay Riva Network. The Dev LE is ideal for low-powered or battery-powered devices designed to detect variations and exceptions in flow data, weather conditions and air quality.

Itron Edge Computing Suite

The Itron Edge Computing SDK enables the development of third party applications that can leverage the computational power available on Itron Riva meters. While preparing for the Itron India Hackathon, participants can use the SDK on a standard Linux environment to develop and test their applications. On the day of the event, participants can also cross compile their code and test their applications on real meters.

What is possible? 

Device-based processing with OpenWay Riva provides computing power directly on the Edge device, eliminating latency and loss of data resolution, compared to when data is transferred to a collector or router, or the back office.

With OpenWay Riva’s deep processor or metrology integration, the device’s on-board computer has access to all data captured by the meter, including data at one second or higher resolutions.

The computed data and events can be sent to the cloud for further processing, aggregation and presentation. The Cloud platform in this case was powered by Microsoft Azure.

The hackathon had the following categories of teams:

  • Students of premier engineering institutions such as IISc, IIT, NIT, and BITS.
  • Developers based in India, building IoT solutions for customers worldwide.
  • Tech startups and early stage organizations.

In summary, what this means is that if a team is shortlisted, they get access to Itron’s proven sensors and meters that are already proven on the field and they can also leverage the existing data that is available on these platforms. They then use these two things together to make solutions that are solving critical issues like arresting the wastage of potable water, which currently stands at an alarming 40% or make smart energy and city solutions. The LE platform can also be leveraged to come out with smart farming solutions that can address the global farming issues and optimize yields and crop cycles. Beyond just giving their platform support, Itron will also leverage their strong partner networks to ensure that the winning ideas go on get the proper support o materialize into actual products.

We were there at the inauguration of the hackathon and it was heartening to see the entire Itron India team come out in full strength to support and enable these keen young innovators. We are sure that the winning entry will definitely add value to the IoT strength that is needed to optimize existing resources and solve problems

We will be following this keenly and will keep you updated.

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