3 reasons why the Nokia 6.1 Plus is a viable budget phone

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Is the Nokia 6.1 Plus the perfect phone? Well it is very nearly there at Rs 15,999/- It is one of the smoothest android experiences I have had in that price range. It stands head and shoulders above the competition and knocks it out of the park. A smartphone is not just the sum of the specifications and Nokia 6.1 Plus is proof of that. Here are three reasons why it is one of the most viable budget options

Design Meets Practicality

The phone has a very refreshing glass and metal body that feels and looks very classy. The curves and accents that blend in with the antenna lines in such a subtle way that you hardly noticed where the antenna lines are add to the glitz. The material used is absolutely premium and the effort that has gone into crafting clearly shows. Pulling the phone out of your pocket to make call does make heads turn. Care has also been taken to ensure that it fits neatly into one hand and can be used very comfortably. It is an ideal marriage between Nordic Design and practical materials

Nokia 6.1 Plus Rear View

Display and Storage

The Nokia 6.1 Plus gives you a bigger screen experience in a slim and compact package. Its 5.8-inch full HD+ 19:9 screen ratio with 96% colour gamut allows for a vivid viewing experience, making the Nokia 6.1 Plus a perfect smartphone for enjoying immersive content experiences. Yes, there is a notch on the top of the screen. Nokia’s attention to the screen around it has resulted in a display that is very good to look at and churns out brilliant colors that are great to look at. Sunlight legibility is good and the adaptive brightness settings are also effective. I was able to get long hours of video and gaming out of it without any fatigue. Full marks in the display department.

Coming to the storage, the Nokia 6.1 Plus has been launched in India as just a single variant with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, which is further expandable via a microSD card. The phone also runs on Android 8.1 Oreo with a clean, stock Android experience due of its Android One certification. Nokia is now very well known for delivering timely security updates and Android updates across it’s entire Android One portfolio. The same is true for this device.

Useful and Trustworthy Camera

The Nokia 6.1 Plus’s 16MP/5MP dual sensor rear camera delivers excellent sharpness and detail in your pictures. Thanks to advanced imaging, you can capture professional style pictures using selectable bokeh blur, which can be adjusted in real-time when you take the image. Bring your photos to life with HDR for incredible colour depth, and advanced AI imaging, including fun filters, masks and our 3D personas, as well as the portrait lighting to add captivating lighting effects to your shots.

Alternatively, capture highly detailed, mirror-like selfies with the perfectly balanced 16MP front camera. Best of all, you don’t have to choose between the two, Bothie mode can now apply AI enhancements on both cameras simultaneously with masks and filters and stream it live in real time to Facebook and YouTube directly from your camera app, another first made available on a Nokia smartphone.

I took the camera for a whirl and found that the images churned out were consistently of good quality with well fleshed out colors. The software does not over-compensate the images for colours and hence the pictures are good. The low light imaging is a tad bit flat with some noise but given the price and package, I am not complaining at all. I would say that the phone ticks of all the right boxes in the camera department

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