MediaTek’s Technology Diaries Series leads Discussions on Cutting-Edge Technologies Impacting our Everyday Lives

MediaTek yesterday announced the third chapter of its Technology Diaries series, the company’s initiative to demystify technology topics for consumers and foster discussion about how technology is shaping our daily lives. The third chapter in the series was led by popular radio host RJ Sriram Sullia of Fever 104FM, along with Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India and Anuj Sidharth, Sr. Manager, Marketing and Communications, MediaTek India.

The series aligns with MediaTek’s philosophy of making great technology accessible to everyone. From the mobile and automotive industries to health, entertainment and next generation wearables, MediaTek’s innovations enable consumers and businesses to do more, share more and connect more. Powering more than 1.5 billion devices a year with the company’s robust mobile, home and automotive portfolio and next-generation AI, 5G and NB-IoT solutions, MediaTek is enhancing the lives of people around the world. MediaTek is also empowering companies and developers to innovate faster and get their products to market more quickly. With MediaTek’s Bluetooth and cellular connectivity solutions, for example, companies are meeting the diverse needs of governments, utilities, retail, agriculture, transportation, asset tracking and beyond.

“MediaTek is committed to delivering the latest technologies across a range of products and solutions that play an integral part of the daily lives of consumers. Nearly one of every three mobile phones is powered by MediaTek and you will find us in 20 percent of homes globally,” said Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India. “Thanks to MediaTek, a new category of highly capable and affordable devices are driving features and consumer expectations forward with advancements in power, performance, AI and connectivity. With the Technology Diaries, we are excited to help consumers better understand and become more comfortable using these technologies.”

MediaTek recently launch edits Helio P70 chipset with an enhanced AI engine, upgraded imaging and camera support, a gaming performance boost and advanced connectivity features. The Helio P70 packs all of these upgrades into an ultra-power-efficient chipset to meet the most demanding user needs, and builds on the hallmark features of the Helio P60 to power the “New Premium” market of full-featured smartphones at affordable price points.

Some of the key markets MediaTek is driving include:

  1. Mobile Technology: The MediaTek Helio P70 is the latest addition to the Helio series of powerful and power-efficient chips for the mid-market segment. It builds on the Helio P60’s global success and critically acclaimed mix of class-leading hardware to provide an even better experience for users. The Helio P70 chipset achieves this through deep power efficiency improvements, further feature upgrades and clock-speed enhancements. This means longer battery life for users, more sustainable, higher performance and up to 4.5ºC lower temperature compared to competitors. Ulefone T2 Pro and Realme are some of the partners to launch devices powered by the Helio P70 chipset. The chipset also provides best-in-class camera hardware with intuitive light AI enhancements such as Face ID, Smart Photo Album and simulated depth of field. The core peak performance advantage is clearly visible in advanced productivity applications and the most popular games. The chipset also features MediaTek’s second-generation smart antenna technology (TAS 2.0).
  2. MediaTek powers an array of Amazon consumer products, including the Amazon Fire TV, and Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets. These are the latest in a series of Amazon devices powered by MediaTek that offer consumers rich multimedia experiences with minimal power consumption.
  3. MediaTek has partnered with the TV display manufacturer and television brand Vu Televisions to provide a high-end and cost-efficient 4K TV to consumers. MediaTek is transforming how people interact with their home, powering the next generation of home entertainment devices, smart TVs and connected audio devices. MediaTek is the leading company by unit volume in several segments including digital television, optical storage and DVD/Blu-ray/CD players.
  4. Another vertical MediaTek is driving forward is the automotive sector. MediaTek is powering the future of autonomous technology through turnkey hardware and software solutions. Autus, MediaTek’s suite of automotive and automated driving solutions, uses AI, mmWave, machine learning and advanced visual processing solutions and technologies to deliver the latest in navigation and infotainment innovation.

MediaTek continues to push the boundary of entertainment innovation with next-generation multimedia technologies that make UHD content shine. The MT5597 is the latest technology in the Digital TV vertical, which enables high-quality, cost-effective and feature-rich 4K UltraHD digital TVs for global applications. Powered by four high-performance Arm Cortex™A53 ultra-efficient processors running at up to 1GHz and an ArmMali450 MP4 GPU, it offers a superior user experience and advanced features in addition to having low power consumption. MediaTek also leads the industry in providing chipsets for UltraHD 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD players, and continues to innovate in this space with recent Android set top box (STB) SoCs along with high quality audio support, including Dolby audio, DTS, Maxim, multi-channel capture and reproduction, and MediaTek’s own advanced digital signal processing solutions.

The MediaTek Technology Diaries has covered cutting-edge technologies such as:

  1. Narrow-Band Internet of Things (NB-IoT), a 3GPP standardized cellular based low power wide area technology. The MediaTek NB-IoT platform enables NB-IoT devices to be installed in locations that cannot be served by competing IoT connectivity standards, powering device installations in remote or difficult to access locations. MediaTek’s NB-IoT solutions build on the company’s legacy driving the IoT revolution forward, powering consumer electronic products including digital TVs, home audio devices, DVD/Blu-ray players, smartphones, tablets, networking and connectivity products and more.
  2. MediaTek NeuroPilot provides MediaTek’s SoC products with high performance and power efficiency for AI features and applications. NeuroPilot also supports common frameworks such as TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe, Caffe2 Amazon MXNet and Sony NNabla, along with Google Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI), so developers can bring their code closer-to-metal for better performance and power-efficiency. MediaTek is leading the edgeAI technology revolution by creating an ecosystem of edgeAI hardware processing with comprehensive software tools across its product range from smartphones to smart homes, wearables, IoT and connected cars.
  3. MiraVision, MediaTek’s best-in-class display enhancement technology. MediaTek MiraVision is designed to improve visual quality for smartphones by intelligently altering picture attributes such as hue saturation, brightness, resolution and frame-rate. For each new product category MediaTek has optimized MiraVision, making it highly power-efficient, more responsive and more context aware. MediaTek’s high-fidelity scaling and content classifier technologies guarantee unmatched signal preservation and increased visual details.

 A variety of MediaTek based products are exclusively available on Flipkart.

These interactive sessions discussed how technology is empowering people’s lives and how next-generation technologies will shape our future The first chapter of MediaTek’s Technology Diaries was moderated by entertainer RJ Naved with NDTV Editor Rajiv Makhni and MediaTek’s Kuldeep Malik. The second chapter was moderated by radio host RJ Malishka with MediaTek’s Kevin Keating, Director, Marketing and Global Public Relations

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