FoodyBuddy: A Food startup that thinks and works differently

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When one says food startup, in todays context, it throws up images of an army of a few hundred delivery boys with huge bags on their backs running around on a fleet of bikes delivering food to people. The cliche has become reality and founders have been stuck with variants of the same idea. In this mess of copies, FoodyBuddy is a Bangalore-based food startup that is  thinking differently and taking a refreshingly creative approach to food and foodies

There are two sets of people, the people who love to eat good food and the people who love to make great food. FoodyBuddy is a creative app that gives a thoughtful solution that bridges the gap between these two sets of people and makes the experience of food a very smooth and simple one

One of the things that FoodyBuddy does not do is get into the logistics of packing and delivering the food. The startup very smartly does just the connecting and gets out of the way. That is the refreshing change that they have in their approach. Before proceeding further, let me explain  this with an example.

Chef Anuradha's profile

Let us say that you are someone who loves Gujarati food but has no idea how to cook or get it authentically done, you can install the FoodyBuddy app and register. The App will help you to find people in your area who are good and making Gujarati food and want to sell it to others. The point worth noting here is the fact that these are home cooks that we are talking about. Now that you found the right home cook, the app allows you to contact them and set up a dialogue to arrange for the food. The app allows you two to then decide how the exchange takes place. You may go over to pick up the food with your own vessels or the home cook can come over to your place with the food. What this does is keep logistics simple and person to person. The company does not set numbers of how many packs of food a home cook has to make in a day. Accepting or not accepting your order is entirely up to them.

Activating a Dish

When a home cook signs up, they get a virtual kitchen that they can run the way they want, all factors are under their control and most things are discussed and finalized between the buyer and the home cook. The app serves as an effective platform for promoting home cooks and transforming them into proper food influencers in their locality and circles.

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I spoke to the team that runs the startup and they are very clear that they do not want to morph into another Zomato or Swiggy. They are very clear about the fact that they will never get into the muddle of logistics and delivery. This makes them creative and keeps their focus on the main objectives of connecting people and building a food network.


More than 100 apartment communities in Bengaluru are using FoodyBuddy and they have home chefs who have “sold more than 250,000 meals till date and the food has reached 20,000 households till date.” according to the founders.

This is a refreshing new approach to food and we will be following this company closely for future updates on their journey. Another important fact to note is that they are backed by Bangalore-based Prime Venture Partners. Prime is known to pick creative startups that are solving real and critical issues.

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