AWS Cloud Day 2019: A Real Eye Opener About The State Of Cloud Computing

AWS Cloud Day

I attended the Bangalore edition of AWS Cloud Day 2019 yesterday. The event was a full on eye opener for me about the current state of Cloud  Computing Technology. There was a lot of information shared that was relevant and very technical. I learnt quite a lot at the event. Let us talk about this today.

Whether you are new to AWS, or an experienced user, the event gave you the inspiration and technical knowledge to learn more about AWS Cloud Solutions. The event was packed with the latest announcements, great customer stories and breakout sessions for users with different levels of technical proficiency. I had the chance to learn from industry acknowledged AWS solution architects and industry veterans who covered hot topics like AI/ML, SAP, IoT, Migration and Cloud Architecture.

The gathering began at 9:30 am with a very crisp starting keynote. And then we got right into business. The first session was a very informative talk about Chaos and the need to break things to make your system or application resilient and stable. Madhusudan Shekar, Head – Digital Innovation on how to build a reliable system said  “In the digital world, one of the most important things you need to build is resilience. Being down & unavailable is not acceptable. You lose customer’s trust.” He then followed up with Hotstar streaming service as an example to illustrate how auto scale works. The platform literally deals with millions of users and when events like the cricket world cup are being streamed, the load swing when specific matches and events happen are also in the millions. He then went on to explain how Amazon created structured chaos in the production environment to make the service more resilient and stable for it’s customers. The session was focused and granular with clear explanations of underlying technology.

This was followed by Yashas A J, Territory Business Development shares the philosophy of AWS Cloud and what makes them unique, he said “We believe in putting ML and AI in the hands of every developer globally. There are many different aspects that sets AWS apart, the topmost being security”. He then went on to explain what are the building blocks of AWS Cloud and how can use it from end to end starting with ordering the right plan and instance right down to security and various other technical aspects. He also explained every minute detail you needed to know about EC2 instances and how every feature impacts you architecture on the whole. This was a great session to understand how AWS Cloud works and how to go about figuring out what your system or application needs.

Following this were the customer success stories using AWS where two diverse examples, one where email marketing was implemented using AWS Cloud and another where new gen smart mobility solutions were implemented using AWS Cloud services. Then there were specific break out sessions for developers with different skills.

The second half of the day began with Saira Shaik, Sr. Technical Account Manager, AWC Cloud giving a talk on enhancing security with AWS . She said, “You inherit global security & compliance controls, with highest privacy standards. You can access services & tools, enabling you to build compliant infrastructure on top of AWS”She explained that AWS Security was like a solid high tech lock but the onus of locking your house is on your ultimately.

This was then followed by a showcase of the various benefits that startups at various stages in their life cycle can leverage with AWS Teams. There were a broad range of benefits for various startups that actually add a lot of value to them as a business and solution maker that AWS gives them. The day ended with that.

On the whole, AWS Cloud Day 2019 in Bangalore was like a deep dive into the current state of cloud computing for me and I came back enriched with a lot of useful, latest and interesting learnings that will definitely make my journey on the cloud a lot better. I am definitely going back for the next edition whenever it happens.  You should too.

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