Huawei Launches 5G-oriented Efficient Automatic Service Provisioning Solution WTTx Suite 2.0


Huawei launched a 5G-oriented efficient automatic service provisioning solution, WTTx Suit 2.0, at the 10th Mobile Broadband Forum. With the rapid development of wireless technologies, wireless fiber broadband has become the preferred option that accelerates broadband speeds. 5G large-bandwidth spectrum allocation and innovative 5G technologies can achieve higher spectral efficiency, further improving wireless broadband capacity and reducing per-GB costs. WTTx Suite 2.0 combines AI technologies to provide WTTx services within a single day, and support remote service management at the network and customer-premises equipment (CPE) levels, achieving sustainable development of wireless broadband services.

Fully Supports Reliable Service Provisioning for Wireless Broadband in the 5G Era

Traditional wired broadband service provisioning usually takes several weeks or even several months. For wireless broadband services with WTTx Suite, once user addresses are entered, the most appropriate packages and CPE specifications that can be provisioned are provided based on network load and capacity, as well as historical network data analysis. Services are quickly provisioned and managed through this method, which improves service deployment efficiency.

WTTx Suite 2.0 supports service provisioning for all frequency bands in the 5G era, and based on the high-frequency features of the 5G network, it also supports to provide service provisioning suggestion based on building level in dense urban. In addition, service provisioning precision has improved from the cell level to the beam level. By introducing artificial intelligence technology and integrating the 3D ray tracing model, WTTx Suite 2.0 can now update the service provisioning map online within 30 minutes as opposed to two weeks. This improves the efficiency and reliability of service provisioning.

Supports E2E Multi-Service Experience Assurance

In areas with both mobile services and wireless broadband services, WTTx Suite can collect statistics on cell load, average speed, and coverage; analyze the development trend of wireless broadband (WBB) and mobile broadband (MBB) in real time; and provide end to end (E2E) experience assurance, thereby reducing the churn rate and ensuring the coordinated development of multiple services.

In addition to wireless broadband services, WTTx Suite 2.0 supports quick provisioning and management of multiple services such as Video over WTTx and enterprise service (WTTe). With WTTx Suite 2.0, Huawei implements organized service provisioning of the WTTe service as well as unified and efficient device management for existing commercial terminals, improving maintenance efficiency and reducing costs.

By now, WTTx Suite have been deployed in more than 60 networks in 35 countries worldwide. The 5G-oriented WTTx Suite 2.0 solution will be generally available in Q1 2020. It can be closely integrated with the service provisioning and management workflows of operators. Starting from the full lifecycle of services, this solution facilitates rapid development and efficient management of wireless broadband services in the 5G era and comprehensively promotes the development of the broadband industry. This not only meets the requirements for rapid home broadband (HBB) in developed countries but also accelerates the penetration of affordable HBB services in developing countries.”

The 2019 Global Mobile Broadband Forum is attended by more than 1,600 people from operators, industries, vertical markets, standard and industry organizations, as well as media and analyst firms, from all over the world. Demonstrations on site showcase the latest 5G technology solutions, commercial cases and the rich applications including 5G cloud AR/VR, live 8K broadcast over 5G, and machine vision and remote control powered by 5G, etc.

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