Lenovo introduces ‘Smarter Home’ Experience

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo today introduced smarter technology for a more connected home experience with an expanded range of Smart Devices. Lenovo Smart Devices are powered With Google Assistant™ and are flexible to use and easy to set up.  Following the release of its 25.4 cm (10) Smart Display and its 10.16 cm (4) IPS touch screen Smart Clock earlier this year, Lenovo today showcased new Smart Devices which includes the all-new 17.8 cm (7) Lenovo Smart Display, Lenovo Smart Bulb and Lenovo Smart Camera.

Lenovo Smart Display in 10-inch and 7-inch boasts of a clean, organic design which not only blends into your home but adds a modern touch. Lenovo Smart Clock comes wrapped in a minimalist, modern design which fits perfectly on a nightstand and blends into the bedroom décor, with a full fabric soft-touch cover.

With Lenovo’s latest range of Smart Devices, users can control smart home products from all major brands—air purifiers to coffee makers, from the comfort of the kitchen or sofa. It gives more options for controlling and monitoring the home in nearly any scenario and virtually manage the entire home from one location.

Rahul Agarwal, CEO & MD, Lenovo India, said, “As the leader in the Indian PC and tablet market, Lenovo is uniquely positioned to lead the growth of the smart device market by introducing new age devices and IoT products. Our strategic partnership with Google, allows us to develop user friendly technologies which can work seamlessly with your voice.

The Lenovo Smart Home range is the ultimate starter pack for users who want to make their home a smart home. Our aim is to bring technologies that are not only smarter, but are available, accessible and benefit everyone. Our Smart Device portfolio is another step in this direction and in line with our vision of bringing smarter technology to all.” He added.

Lenovo Smart Display

17.8 cm (7) Lenovo Smart Display: The smarter way to run your home

The newest addition to the portfolio is the 17.8 cm (7) Lenovo Smart Display which brings the best of the Google Assistant with an enhanced visual experience. Users can control over 5,000 smart home devices from major brands, answer video calls from family, monitor the kids’ room, or check who’s at the door through any smart camera connected with the Lenovo Smart Display—all without lifting a finger. With the dual-array microphones and a full-range speaker, the Smart Display can respond from across the room. The always-on Lenovo Smart Display is always there to help, inform, and entertain with simply the voice through any Google Assistant based controllers.

Price & Availability: To be available on Lenovo.com, Flipkart and across Lenovo Exclusive stores and Croma stores at INR 8,999.

The Lenovo Smart Bulb: See in a Whole New Light

With a Lenovo Smart Bulb, not only light, but also color, temperature and brightness can be adjusted only with the voice. The lights in the bedroom can be changed to warmer hues for bedtime, mimicking the fading light of sunset to create a more natural sleeping environment.

The Lenovo Smart Bulb is completely plug and play and can be operated through the Lenovo link app or voice as it works with the Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa platforms.

Price & Availability: Coming soon

Lenovo Smart Camera: Keep your home secure

Lenovo Smart Camera gives you a view of what’s going on in and out of your home. The Lenovo Smart Camera offers high-resolution images with wide field of view (FOV), for better visibility. It scans the area with a 355-degree FOV from side to side and 120 degrees up and down. And with infrared night vision at a distance of up to 20 meters, users can see inside the home at night.

With a built-in mic and speaker, users can sing a lullaby to the crying toddler from a remote location to make sure that the baby falls right back to sleep, as the Lenovo Smart Camera allows for two-way audio capability. Users can keep a tab on what’s happening in their house with just voice commands as it works well with the Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa platforms.

Price & Availability: Coming soon

Earlier this year, Lenovo launched 10.16 cm (4) IPS touch screen enabled Smart Clock and 25.4 cm (10) Smart Display with Google Assistant™. The price of the Smart Clock starts from INR 5,999 and the Smart Display price starts at INR 14,999. Lenovo Smart Clock is purpose-made for the bedroom, helping users unwind in the evening, kick start the day, control the smart home and listen to their favourite music. With its bright 10-inch screen, the Lenovo Smart Display makes multi-tasking a breeze, bringing you step-by-step recipe instructions, helpful answers powered by Google Search and YouTube™, and a single hub to control your smart home devices – all hands-free.

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