Joynt launches with India’s largest AI community, Analytics Vidhya

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Joynt, a 1:1 video call platform for influencers, has launched a new platform for independent knowledge professionals called The brand’s mission is to help independent professionals be more successful and happier while following their passion. It will create and offer easy-to-use digital tools for independent professionals to help them seamlessly offer, market and deliver their services online over video calls. Joynt recently raised an undisclosed amount led by Princeton, New Jersey headquartered venture capital fund SOSV and its accelerator programme Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX).

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the commercial world and the way business is conducted. In this backdrop, will offer the perfect tools that will save time, money, effort and help professionals become “Super Professionals”, with AI as an enabler. It will empower professionals to turn this crisis into an opportunity by being able to market and deliver their services to a global audience using digital tools.

As the name suggests, aims to turn independent professionals into Super professionals by providing them with a ready to use platform that takes away their challenges related to creating a digital presence. The platform went operational during the lockdown period, but due to its highly user-friendly and beneficial nature, it has rapidly gained popularity among professionals. The network has so far grown impressively through organic and word-of-mouth marketing.

Speaking about this, Gaurav Tripathi, Co-founder and CEO, said, “Independent professionals are the actual drivers of any economy’s growth and Covid-19 has hit this tribe hard. Although they are trying to be resilient in these times, we saw this as a great opportunity to create the perfect, easy to use tools to help them become ‘Super Professionals’ with technology. Given how they will need to operate exclusively in the digital domain going forward, they need a strong professional presence online to market their services without having to spend time and effort on setting up scheduling, payments, email reminders, video sessions etc. is all of this rolled into one easily accessible platform for them. We tell our Super pros – Focus on what you do best and we will take care of the rest.”

Independent professionals can either request for an invite to the platform or get invited by existing Superpro’s. They will then need to submit simple details such as name, contact information and social media profile links. Upon receipt of a new submission, the team reviews and approves it. This verification process helps in removing fake or irrelevant profiles from the system. Once approved, a link is sent to users through which they can upload an introduction video, the days and times they are available for calls and the fee they wish to charge for their service. They can also choose to donate the proceeds to a charity while helping a professional with much needed advice. not only integrates their calendars but also takes care of all scheduling, payments and video calls related requirements. The system also allows experts or advisors to remain accessible without making their contact details public or requiring a back-and-forth email communication. As a Superpro on the platform, users get a well-structured professional page highlighting their expertise and services.

With self-reliance being the need of the hour, Gaurav wanted to help millions of professionals who are facing a hard time.  He reached out to Analytics Vidhya’s founder Kunal Jain and discussed how the two platforms can combine their strengths to give back to the community. Analytics Vidhya is India’s largest community of Data Scientists for Analytics, AI and Data Science. It has the finest experts from India and across the world in its community. They will dedicate a few hours every week free of cost to “Pay It Forward” to millions of professionals who are in urgent need to reskill or upskill. In addition to it, if they want, they will be able to add other paid services e.g. consulting, advice, training etc which people will be able to book them online using the built-in payment service.

Experts need not share their email or phone numbers or worry about getting inundated with hundreds of calls and messages. They can make themselves available on where all the mentees can see the available slots and book them for 1:1 mentorship video call. Preference will be given to professionals who have recently lost their jobs and want to know how they can build a career in the fast-growing field of AI, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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