Oracle Opens its First Cloud Region in Chile

Oracle Chile Cloud Region

Oracle announced the opening of the Chile Cloud Region, marking Oracle’s 29th Cloud region worldwide. The opening is part of Oracle’s aggressive plan to have 38 Cloud regions by the end of 2021. Now, Latin American customers and partners have regional access to many of Oracle’s cloud services.

“We are very proud to witness this cloud infrastructure expansion and commitment to helping Chilean organizations embrace the transition to the cloud. This cloud Region will not only improve our clients’ experience, but it will also have a positive impact on the country’s innovation ecosystem and will help boost its digital economy by providing endless possibilities,” said Luiz Meisler, executive vice president, Oracle Latin-American.

The new cloud region will deliver Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database, Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware solution, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Oracle Cloud Applications services. The new region will deliver multiple benefits to customers, especially to those in highly regulated industries with restrictions to access servers outside the national territory. In addition, Oracle’s first cloud region in Chile will also positively impact other Latin American countries, such as Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The Oracle Chile Cloud Region features multiple independent fault domains, enabling customers to deploy applications with high availability and it is also connected to a separate site in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as all of Oracle’s other cloud regions via Oracle Cloud’s private high-speed network backbone. This will allow organizations to deploy cloud services in multiple independent regions for disaster recovery, as well as host and store all transactional data in the region.

Chile was chosen as a strategic region because the country has been a pioneer in the adoption of public cloud services and Oracle has seen strong customer demand for cloud infrastructure in the region. In fact, IDC estimates the cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) investment trend for Chile will rise to an average compound growth of 41 percent by 2024, which is higher compared to other Latin American regions.

Pamela Gidi, Undersecretary of Telecommunications of Chile said, “Our country continues to invest and expand in world-class digital infrastructure that will position it as a digital hub of Latin America. We are currently seeing great infrastructure momentum with international organizations deploying new local data centers combined with our governmental digital connectivity projects, such as the Transpacific Cable and our roll out of the National and Austral Fiber Optic network. These infrastructure and private multinational initiatives confirm that investment interest is high and thanks to Chile’s powerful digital deployment plan, it will allow our country to reactivate its economy, strengthening other productive sectors and deliver new digital services for citizens.”

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, many companies have been forced to move their business and operations online, changing their IT priorities considerably. IDC expects a faster adoption trend of 25 percent CAGR for the next 5 years that will lead a regional spending in public cloud services of almost 50 percent by 2025.

“To support that expected growth path, it is certainly necessary to have large local infrastructure investments as there are many challenges to face, such as latency with services provided from other regions, complying with data sovereignty regulations and at the same time matching world class cybersecurity practices and methodologies. It is also important to mention that these kinds of investments bring additional value for the countries’ economies as they become a catalyst for increasing productivity and bolster open innovation for local ecosystems,” said Juan Pablo Seminara, program manager, Enterprise, IDC Latin America.

Benefits of the New Oracle Cloud Region

The Chile Cloud region will provide reduced latency to organizations, which refers to the decrease in the time it takes for data to be transferred from the data center where the application data is hosted. In addition, the move to an Oracle Cloud region helps security-focused enterprises that need to meet demanding data residency requirements, as well as, reducing operational costs and modernizing legacy applications.

Now, customers and partners will have access to Oracle Cloud services to power innovation and drive business growth. “We are very happy to announce that the first Oracle Cloud Region in Chile has gone live. Its arrival will enhance the implementation of Oracle’s second-generation cloud, which provides new options such as pay-per-use, elasticity, scalability, turning things on or off on demand and rapidly deploying complex architectures,” said Soledad Matos, general manager, Oracle Chile.

The new Cloud Region is built on Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure, a platform that has had an accelerated expansion and coverage at a global level, which will allow Oracle customers to have access to Oracle Cloud services with very low latency and lower connection costs.

“We deeply value that Oracle, which is part of our collaborative ecosystem, has decided to install its data center in Chile because that provides us with greater and better connection facilities to our data, as well as better performance of our systems since proximity adds speed and reduces latency in the connection,” said Nelson Rojas, general de Caja Los Andes.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect provides dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services. FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience versus public internet-based connections. FastConnect is available via FastConnect Partners or direct connection. EdgeConneX has established FastConnect connectivity with the Chile Cloud Region.

Oracle Cloud Region Global Expansion

Oracle opened 12 Cloud Regions in 2020 and currently operates 29 regions globally – 22 commercial and seven government and multiple dedicated regions for U.S. intelligence services – the fastest expansion by any major cloud provider. To help customers build true business continuity and disaster protection while meeting in-country data residence requirements, Oracle plans to establish at least two regions in almost every country where it operates. The U.S., Canada, E.U., U.K., South Korea, Japan, India and Australia already have two Cloud Regions. Upcoming Cloud Regions include second regions, Brazil, U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia, additional E.U. regions in Italy, Sweden, and France; as well as new regions in Singapore, South Africa, and Israel.

Currently available Oracle Cloud regions include:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Chuncheon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Sydney, Melbourne
  • Americas: San Jose, Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Montreal, São Paolo, Chile
  • Europe: Frankfurt, London, Zürich, Amsterdam, Wales
  • Middle East: Jeddah, Dubai
  • Government: two general U.S. Government regions, and U.S. National Security regions, three U.S. Department of Defense specific Government regions, two in the United Kingdom

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