Oracle Cloud Gives Prosper Digital Therapeutics Tools to Boost Patient Care at Lower Cost

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Oracle has announced that Prosper Digital Therapeutics (ProsperDTX), a company that pairs patient medical data with causal machine learning to develop personalized treatment plans, has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science to host its machine learning platform. ProsperDTX uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and OCI Object Storage to ingest and store data from multiple sources, including medical records systems and wearables, in real-time for faster predictive modeling. With the unprecedented healthcare demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, predictive data science modeling is critical to driving patient-centered solutions.

“We selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because of its unique ability to quickly process vast amounts of data and enable a faster time to market for our healthcare solutions. We’ve already realized a 25 percent cost saving,” said Robert Goldberg, CEO, Prosper Digital Therapeutics. “With a proven record of offering cloud solutions and expertise for the healthcare industry, Oracle is an instrumental partner to our company’s future growth.”

“We are excited to work with ProsperDTX to help improve their ability to turn the power of machine learning into better patient care,” said Greg Pavlik, senior vice president, data and AI, Oracle Cloud. “With our expertise in the healthcare field and our robust ecosystem of healthcare customers, we look forward to partnering with ProsperDTX to accelerate its network expansion as the company grows into its next stage of development.”

ProsperDTX’s machine learning technology develops causal models for each individual, thereby developing a care plan that can avoid complications related to cancer. By asking ‘what if’ questions, such as ‘would I still get lung cancer if I continue smoking or stop smoking?’ ProsperDTX can establish causal relationships and model what would happen in the future in the absence of a treatment or a delay of treatment in ways that optimize outcomes. This can’t be achieved with traditional machine learning which has thus far focused on retrospective, or backward-looking research. What likely caused this person’s heart attack? Was it smoking, bad diet, lack of exercise, all of the above? ProsperDTX machine learning focuses on future outcomes, not the past causes of current conditions.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science helps data scientists rapidly build, train, deploy and manage machine learning models. Unlike other data science products that focus on individual data scientists, OCI Data Science helps improve the effectiveness of data science teams with capabilities like shared projects, model catalogs, team security policies, reproducibility and auditability. Using OCI Data Science, ProsperDTX is designed to facilitate compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for every stage of the machine learning lifecycle, from data ingestion to model deployment.

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