Oracle Named a Leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms 2021

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Oracle has announced that it has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms 2021 Vendor Assessment (Doc # US47354421, October 2021) for its Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

The rapidly growing voice-enabled AI market is fueled by the need to accomplish tasks using natural language conversations. As enterprises continue to adopt conversational AI as their primary means to engage with customers and employees, they need a scalable and secure, enterprise-ready digital assistant platform to understand and automate user interactions. As is the case with its AI services, Oracle leverages its industry and application experience to pretrain models with enterprise data and business flows and custom train for each enterprise’s domain with minimal customer-specific data.

This IDC Marketscape vendor assessment recognizes Oracle for its broad capabilities and ease of use to scale. Oracle Digital Assistant applies AI for natural language processing, natural language understanding, and patented deep learning algorithms to understand a user’s natural conversation, derive intent, and context and build memory from user behaviors. Additionally, it can proactively recommend, predict and respond on behalf of the user. A low-code tool that allows developers to build conversational experiences without requiring AI expertise, Oracle Digital Assistant can integrate human agent workflows and business processes with deep insights into user adoption, call deflection metrics, user satisfaction, and AI explainability. Oracle Digital Assistant’s prebuilt skills and templates create prebuilt experiences with conversational best practices for end users through text, chat, and voice interfaces in many languages.

“Organizations of all sizes and industries want to improve user experience and increase customer and employee productivity while reducing the cost of support,” said Suhas Uliyar, vice president Digital Assistant, AI and Integration. “Oracle Digital Assistant is the single platform pretrained with enterprise domain data to help customers quickly automate user self-service and automate business processes integrated with their business data.”

Oracle Digital Assistant is a cornerstone of the newly announced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) AI services that developers can use to easily apply production AI without data science expertise. Oracle Digital Assistant benefits from OCI’s common identity and security model, unified observability, and superior price-performance. Coupled with complementary OCI services, Oracle Digital Assistant offers enterprises conversational AI as it unifies single-purpose chatbots into one digital assistant, making it easy for users to interact with multiple systems from one conversation. And, through its use of deep learning and integration to enterprise business data, Oracle Digital Assistant makes it easy for developers to build on the library of templates and create their own custom skills to automate customer experiences.

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