Insane AI revolutionises home workouts with a first-of-its-kind AI-powered Workout Tracking technology


Insane AI,  launches first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (AI) powered fitness training app. The Bengaluru-based startup has developed a cutting-edge mobile app that transforms the phone’s front camera into an intelligent workout companion. The AI-powered Workout Tracking technology of the app enables precise motion tracking with any smartphone,  allowing it to definitively identify how well the user performs each exercise and helps fix posture and form in real-time. The app is built on the basis of definitive habit formation science and rewards its users for staying fit with real life products.

The mobile version for IOS and Android users will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Insane AI will start by gradually rolling out access to their app on a first-come-first-serve basis. People who want early access will have to sign up on the waitlist to get in line to experience the one-of-its-kind AI algorithm.

The app has been designed with the combined efforts of certified fitness trainers, AI engineers, and gamification experts and was in development and testing for more than 1 year. Tested on more than 100k registered users across India and Europe, it is especially popular with working professionals and sportsmen for their training and sports conditioning.

The app offers a wide range of guided body workouts such as HIIT, Cardio, Muscle Training, Yoga, Balance and the unique Agility drills. The workout screen is interactive and keeps users engaged with visual cues and live feedback. The app also gives users insights into their workout and performance history – making progress tracking simple and intuitive. These workouts are designed to progressively get tougher the more users do them, making them approachable for both beginners and advanced users, and at the same time challenging them to keep on improving.

With the aim to make staying motivated effortless, the app makes fitness addictive. By rewarding every physical activity users may perform every day, the approach to fitness is gamified using AI and mobile AR(augmented reality). From completing their daily step goals to beating workout high scores, to doing each rep perfectly – Insane makes fitness into a game. Users can also challenge others to work out battles and compete for higher rewards. Users earn coins from different activities done by them, which they can spend on all kinds of rewards such as discount coupons for various e-commerce platforms, rare virtual items and merchandise from popular brands and more through the app. With fast-paced reward cycles and positive reinforcement, the app makes it easier for users to stay consistent with their fitness journey.

Anurag Mundhada, Co-Founder, Insane AI said, ”A lot of people nowadays are intimidated by the prerequisites to be fit. Be it looking for the perfect gym, making time to workout, the high costs for training or finding the right trainer, all these things act as hurdles. But even more importantly, the fitness motivation itself is misguided. Historically, being fit was a by-product of just doing daily activities and tied into other sources of motivation. Now, most people find it difficult to stay fit as there is a lack of incentive to be fit. The Insane app is created on the basis of these two insights. It makes the process of starting your fitness journey convenient as well as insanely rewarding and positive – and is free to use!”

Jayesh Hannurkar, Co-Founder of Insane AI and Head of Product said, ” Insane is built with everyone in mind and has diverse reward cycles geared to strike a chord with every type of user personality. For many people, ownership is a big motivational factor and they are attracted to owning a virtual avatar and limited-edition digital items. In the next 2-3 years, we aim to expand on this idea and turn Insane into a first-of-its-kind fitness metaverse based around narratives, content and storylines.”

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