Oracle Enhances Comprehensive and Integrated Data and Analytics Services to Empower Business Users

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To help customers make faster, better decisions, Oracle has announced a series of new product innovations across its comprehensive portfolio of data and analytics solutions. With the new capabilities in Oracle Fusion Analytics across CX, ERP, HCM, and SCM analytics, decision-makers now have a prebuilt library of more than 2,000 best-practice KPIs, dashboards, and reports to monitor performance against strategic goals. The latest innovations in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) are designed to improve the productivity of business users by minimizing their reliance on IT, while still benefiting from curated data assets created by IT, such as the centralized semantic model. New advanced composite visualizations make it easier to interpret data, and AI/ML enhancements extend the ML capabilities in Analytics Cloud with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) cognitive services like AI Vision to enable processing of visual information.

Leveraging data has become the most important aspect of any businessgrowth and efficiency however with the amount of data being generated everyday it become complicated to capture timely value from various sources. This is especially true in India where consumers are moving towards a data led economy and generating massive data. To address this, we believe our latest series of new innovations across Oracle’s all-inclusive portfolio of integrated analytics services, databases, data lakes, AI/ML, and pre-built analytics applications will prove to be useful.” said P Saravanan, Vice-President, of Cloud Engineering, Oracle India

 He addedWe aim to enable accelerated insights and accurate predictions for our customers therefore allowing them to maximise their return on data insights. We have streamlined and accelerated the complete cycle for analyzing and modelling business outcomes, providing automated, proactive, and unbiased recommendations. With this, we believe the customers will witness improved productivity and data storytelling.”

  “To help our customers find new paths to increase revenues and efficiencies, we continue to expand our data analytics capabilities,” said T.K. Anand, executive vice president, Oracle Analytics. “We are committed to better decision intelligence and are working closely with our customers to help them scale their ability to analyze massive amounts of data for insights, gain additional context around business decisions, and review the impacts that decisions will have across their organizations.”

“With its latest analytics announcement, Oracle has delivered new capabilities across its Fusion CX, ERP, HCM and SCM business applications that bring greater value to organizations worldwide,” said Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst, Constellation Research. “This provides decision-makers with a library of more than 2,000 best practice KPIs, metrics, and dashboards for monitoring performance against strategic goals. Oracle is the only cloud application vendor that offers its analytics portfolio also on-premises, through a centrally managed service for those customers who need to run analytics on-premises, with Oracle Dedicated Region.”

 New pre-built, cloud-native Oracle Fusion Analytics capabilities

  • Oracle Fusion CX Analytics is a new unified solution that provides sales, marketing, service, and finance users with ready-to-use KPIs and dashboards to improve decision-making and provide a customer-centric view of all revenue generation activities. Learn more about Oracle Fusion CX Analytics, the latest and fourth application in the Fusion Analytics family.
  • Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics now includes Project Management analytics enabling project-based organizations to better understand the performance, risk, and profitability of their portfolio of projects by analyzing project costs, commitments, and revenue against budgets and forecasts. Learn more about Project Management analytics.
  • Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics now includes Cost Accounting and Intra/Inter Organizational Transfer analytics for optimizing cost and inventory management. These enhancements enable supply chain and finance professionals to analyze cost distributions and inventory transfers within and across ERP Analytics and SCM Analytics applications. Learn more about SCM Analytics.
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics now includes Diversity, Payroll, and Learning analytics that provide HR professionals and business leaders with integrated workforce insights to improve their decisions in a range of areas, including workforce diversity, employee retention, talent acquisition and management, compensation, and payroll. Learn more about Diversity analyticsLearning analytics, and Payroll analytics.

Oracle Analytics Cloud innovates across the complete data and analytics workflow

  • Semantic modeler democratizes access to the central curated semantic model, which acts as a presentation layer that masks the complexity of the physical data sources from business users. The virtualization is created using a web-based tool that includes advanced capabilities for multi-user development, version control, and CI/CD processes. The JSON-based Semantic Modeling Markup Language provides flexible methods for editing and updating the semantic model either manually or programmatically.
  • Advanced composite visualizations help customers organize content and improve understanding of patterns and signals in data. Users can easily add metrics onto other charts, which reduces the number of individual visualizations and increases information density of the dashboard without making it busier or cluttered.
  • Proactive automated insights help customers improve productivity through an easy-to-use, one-click capability that provides unbiased, automated recommendations for visualizations based on Oracle Analytics Cloud’s analysis of datasets and metrics.
  • AI/ML enhancements extend the ML functionality in Oracle Analytics Cloud with other OCI cognitive services. For example, Oracle Analytics Cloud users can now analyze image-based content from OCI Vision in a familiar, easy-to-read dashboard. Administrators can now register OCI cognitive services’ functions directly in Oracle Analytics Cloud so users can execute them in their data flows without coding.

Additional new capabilities across Oracle data and analytics services

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse introduces new capabilities enabling organizations to improve collaboration across teams by sharing data with the open-source Delta Sharing protocol and business models using in-database Analytic Views. Along with existing built-in support for Oracle Analytics and tools such as Tableau, a new Excel add-in and a complete and embedded data-integration tool with Transforms will be available.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Accelerator is a pre-built cloud analytics solution that includes more than 80 pre-built dashboards with over 300 KPIs and reports, and respective data models, so anyone can quickly gain insights on their Oracle E-Business Suite data and extend it with cloud or on-premises sources. By combining Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Autonomous Database, and Oracle Analytics Cloud, organizations can enhance the analysis of financial and supply chain data with a hybrid cloud and on-premises solution.
  • OCI GoldenGate adds stream analytics for modeling, processing, analyzing, and acting on real-time data flowing from Oracle and non-Oracle database events and Apache Kafka messages. The new capabilities help customers discover and test for outliers and anomalies, apply insights from ML models, and then automatically take the next best action. In addition, specialized time-series and geo-spatial analytics are supported in an easy-to-use visualization dashboard. Learn more about GoldenGate stream analytics.
  • MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse enables customers to process and query hundreds of terabytes of data in object store in a variety of file formats, such as CSV and Parquet, as well as Aurora and Redshift backups. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is the newest addition to the MySQL HeatWave portfolio, the only service that combines transaction processing, analytics, machine learning, and machine learning-based automation within a single MySQL database. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse works easily with Oracle Analytics Cloud for data visualization and reporting, so organizations can easily create and view reports on any data set. Read the MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse announcement for additional details and its 400TB benchmarks that demonstrate significantly better performance than competitive cloud database services.

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