DNB and Ericsson launch online academic programme on 5G and digital technology in Malaysia

5G implementation

Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) have announced the launch of a free online academic program on digital technologies and 5G for all students at the tertiary level nationwide. The ‘MY5G Ericsson Malaysia Pioneers Programme’, which will be live online from 11 January 2023 onwards, serves DNB’s objective of contributing to the development of tech talent throughout the country. This is a crucial step towards the realisation of a fully fledged 5G-enabled technology ecosystem and is in line with Malaysia’s long-term digital economy aspirations.  

As 5G catalyses the country’s socioeconomic transformation, the technology is also shaping the future of education, now more than ever. Developing future leaders – the beneficiaries of 5G – requires providing access to tools and materials for the next generation. There is a need to cultivate a new generation of independent and self-motivated learners.  

This programme is the first customised learning course on 5G and digital technologies offered by Ericsson at a nationwide level.  Specially curated for Malaysian students, the programme will deliver 42 hours of learning content that is designed to raise digital skills, knowledge, and awareness of emerging technologies. This will allow students to develop the skills and competencies they need to meet the rapidly changing skill requirements in today’s increasingly digital world. 

The programme consists of three modules which will allow students to understand in detail, the technological functionalities and applications of digital services.  As they go through the  three modules, students will be asked to develop a solution from ideation and theoretical prototyping to a fully formed sales pitch for a fictional potential buyer. Students will take online assessments within each module, and earn an Ericsson digital badge after clearing  all the assessments.   

As part of the curriculum, students are also provided with an opportunity to creatively address actual problems within various Malaysian industries and sectors by discovering, analysing, and developing AI-powered digital solutions. The digital solutions will address different business-related problems in order to gain positive environmental and social impacts. 

Dr Ahmad Helmi Bin Azhar, MY5G Ericsson Malaysia Pioneers Programme Director at DNB says: “The fast-expanding national 5G network will be a major equaliser, enabling new digital and employment opportunities throughout urban and rural areas and helping to bridge the digital divide. The only way forward for our nation’s economy is to nurture talent and up our game in terms of creativity and innovation. Our education system must be futureproof in a way that our schools become the essential incubators where young talent is exposed to future technologies and applications. As we continue to accelerate the deployment of the national 5G network, we are also laying down the foundation for the digital economy and helping drive digital literacy in Malaysia.” 

Ellen Alarilla, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Program Manager for Ericsson in Southeast Asia, Oceania and India says, “We are proud to contribute to the development of the 5G ecosystem by launching this course nationwide to all students at the tertiary level.  Ericsson believes in a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future, and this vision can only be realised by ensuring that students have access to quality educational content on 5G and related technologies.” She further states, “We are pleased to equip the country’s future workforce and leaders with the skills they need to thrive and lead in a 5G-driven economy, while we work hand in hand with DNB to create a world-class 5G infrastructure for Malaysia.” 

Students interested to learn more about the MY5G Ericsson Malaysia Pioneers Programme can visit this page or register through this link, both of which will be available online from 11 January 2023 onwards.   

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