Red Hat to Help Transform the Automotive Industry at the Edge with ETAS

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Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, has announced a collaboration with ETAS, the Bosch subsidiary responsible for the development of application-independent software for vehicles and the cloud,  to deliver an in-vehicle automotive platform that will lower the development cost and further accelerate time-to-market for automakers. This pre-integrated and pre-tested foundation platform will provide automakers with a streamlined out-of-the-box developer experience to deliver application software. The ETAS deterministic middleware solution will significantly accelerate the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) applications with Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System positioned to provide a continuously-certified and open standards-based operating system.

This exciting collaboration continues the journey that we undertook two years ago to accelerate open source adoption in the automotive industry. With ETAS, our respective expertise will be put towards a next-generation foundational platform for modern in-vehicle software development, ultimately built on a standardized, scalable backbone provided by Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System.


Francis Chow

Vice president and general manager, In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge, Red Hat

Red Hat has been working across the automotive industry to help accelerate open source technology adoption with a focus on standardization and reusability. ETAS is known in the automotive industry for having deployed its real-time operating systems and middleware solutions successfully over three billion times. Its proven track record of in-vehicle systems safety and security features is backed by the highest levels of certification, including ISO 26262. Many traditional systems and methodologies have come with high development costs, slow time-to-market and difficulty in addressing new customer demands while retaining critical safety checks. To help address these challenges, Red Hat is building Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, with the end product intended to serve as a functionally-safe, automotive-specific Linux operating system foundation. ETAS plans to combine Red Hat’s technology with its next generation middleware solution, adding deterministic execution for complex and highly concurrent automotive functions.

Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System helps to move the auto industry towards more scalable software designs by enabling and accelerating many of the current trends in the automotive space. Together with ETAS deterministic middleware, this solution will provide automakers with an extendable platform for developing, testing and deploying ADAS and automated driving (AD) applications on software-defined vehicles in addition to:

  • Faster time-to-market with a pre-integrated stack, by leveraging unique ETAS deterministic middleware features on top of Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System. Deterministic replay enables developers to more accurately reproduce even the most complicated bugs, reported from their fleet, and step-through them within minutes instead of days with traditional approaches. Red Hat In-Vehicle Operation System offers a scalable and flexible platform to support both standard and ASIL-B safety applications. The combined strength of the two layers enable not only faster application development but also efficient automated verification testing with maximum accuracy, independent of the execution hardware – a great fit to scale out automotive test infrastructure into the cloud;
  • Reduced development costs by having a consistent platform with modernized toolchains that enables simplified development and easy reuse of software components across vehicle models and production years;
  • Enhanced reliability, safety and compliance with a pre-integrated stack to help verify that safety-critical components are integrated in a compliant and efficient manner. The pre-integrated stack improves the reliability and safety of ADAS and AD systems with a focus on safety and determinism;
  • Improved scalability and flexibility, allowing customers to develop and deploy applications on a wide range of hardware platforms spanning from in-vehicle electronic control units (ECUs) to the cloud-based development lab;
  • Extended operating stack security features provided by Red Hat’s expertise in open source security and compliance combined with ETAS expertise in automotive software security and real-time OS validating the security posture of the pre-integrated stack and its compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Red Hat’s work in the automotive industry is a natural extension of the company’s broader edge computing strategy. Edge computing delivers new capabilities for vehicle functionality and connectivity, with each software-defined vehicle acting as an edge datacenter in itself. These cars will be expected to gather data, provide updates and deploy applications autonomously, further aligning the automotive industry with the growing innovation of edge computing at-large. By working with companies like ETAS, Red Hat aims to help accelerate this momentum and assist in delivering state-of-the-art capabilities for software-defined vehicles that mirror advances at the enterprise edge.

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