Social Media as a means to overcome challenges

I have some news to share. I will be speaking at Social Media Week, Bangalore or #SMWBangalore as it is known on twitter. The Topic is “Social Media as a Means to Overcome Challenges”. My presentation is on 27th February 2015 t 8:15 pm at The Leela Palace in Bangalore. Read on to know more!

The Social Media Week is a global event that happens in Multiple cities at the same time. There are various sessions that are conducted by experts from various fields over a week. It is an excellent opportunity to network and exchange data and also the to learn from the masters.

My session is titled “Social Media as a means to overcome challenges”. I will talk about how I used Social Media to overcome the biggest barriers I had in my professional and personal life. With extrapolations for brands and companies. Here are more details


Do come! Let’s meet!

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