EXCLUSIVE: Teewe for Chrome launched

Bangalore, Karnataka—March 3rd, 2015 — Teewe announced the launch of its new plug-in feature for Chrome that allows users to stream video content directly from the Chrome Web Browser onto their TV screens. In a unique and accelerative move by this budding brand, Teewe has extended its existing offering which already supports video streaming via YouTube, Online TV Shows, Online Movies, Laptop Files, and Phone Files, and puts all content at the consumer’s fingertips.

The creators of Teewe are striving to magnify the content viewing experience of consumers, to suit content consumption patterns of digitally savvy users. The Teewe Chrome Browser Plug-in, released on 3rd March, 2015 is all set to change the way consumers watch Videos Online.


“We’ve always wanted our users to watch any content from anywhere on their TV. With Teewe for chrome we take a giant stride in that direction. One has to just experience the ease in using this feature, it is simply amazing. In the coming months we will add more support and features to this plug-in to make the experience even more gratifying,” says Sai Srinivas, Co-Founder and CEO, Teewe.in
The makers of Teewe shared an exclusive sneak peek of their latest innovation to a host of esteemed tech bloggers this past Saturday, at the Church Street Social located in Bangalore’s buzzing neighborhood of Brigade Road. The preview garnered some great reviews and created some healthy anticipation for the new feature.

Amidst the feedback, the usability and simplicity of installing the plug-in was a constant mention. Existing and prospective users of Teewe simply have to install the Teewe plug-in on the Chrome browser and install the Teewe Web App

Note: We at The Quill have the Teewee stick and a review is coming soon. Tomorrow, we will share information about how to use the chrome plugin! 


About Mango Man and Teewe

Teewe is Mango Man Consumer Electronics Pvt. Ltd’s flagship product. At Mango Man we are obsessed about making great electronic products that are extremely affordable. We believe that a connected home entertainment experience is the next step in the smart life evolution and we aim to be at the forefront of it. The Teewe HDMI dongle enables you to stream content wirelessly to your TV via a smartphone application. Teewe can play any online or local content hosted on any server or your own devices/computer etc. which can be added to the application on the fly. The Teewe device is available on Flipkart.com and the Teewe app can be downloaded via GooglePlay and the App Store. To know more about Teewe, visit www.Teewe.in

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