YU is crowdsourcing the next Device name: #YUNameIt

YU, the new age technology brand that strives to work with the community to create an ecosystem of connected devices has now challenged another conventional way of naming devices. In a first ever move in the mobile ecosystem, the brand has invited its fans and followers to participate in naming its much awaited next device, which has been code named as Project Caesar. Staying true to its credo of ‘YUPlayGod’, and empowering consumers, through the first of its kind contest, YU has given the consumers the opportunity to decide on the name of the forthcoming Cyanogen-powered Smartphone. YU is focused on revolutionizing the mobility experience through highly customizable and individuality driven technology. After the enormous success of its first device YUREKA, Project Caesar is the next big thing to watch out for from YU and who better than the tech-enthusiasts to pick the name for it.

Image Courtesy: MicroMax
Image Courtesy: YU

YU kick-started the crowdsourcing campaign #YUNameIt beckoning their fans to christen Project Caesar with a unique name that both resonates with YU and is something the fans would relate to, on their social media platforms on 31st March, 2015. Participants can submit their entries at all the social platforms of YUPLAYGOD with a ‘#YUNameIt’ on or before 3rd April 2015. Top 5 names from the contest will make it to the voting stage, which will be between 4th to 6th April. The highest number of votes will make the chosen name as the final name of chosen as the moniker for Project Caesar.

YU will reward the contributions of 5 out of its countless loyal consumers by bestowing them with the highly anticipated Project Caesar and an additional number of them with Amazon Gift Cards worth INR 1 Lakh. Through this contest, YU as a brand reiterates a democratic aspect to what goes behind building a product, thus lending more power to its consumers.

Consumers can submit their entries at


https://www.youtube.com/YUPlayGod /



So go on and try your hand at it! The next YU device is waiting for you to name it! Have fun!

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