Why I like shopping with my mobile app #ItsPersonal

I am a regular user of online shopping portals. In fact, I am probably the biggest user of sites like Myntra, Flipkart etc. So when people started reacting to the news that they are moving to a fully mobile app based model, my reaction was pure joy! There are skeptics and analysts who are not happy with this move, but I am. There are many reasons for this. Let me explain this to you in detail.


Imagine that you are going to a attend a family function at your native place and you are on your way, mid-flight you realize that the dress you picked out for the function is lying at home! You forgot! How often has this happened to you? Very often to me! But now, I can just pull the mobile out, look for an appropriate dress, order and pay for express delivery. By the time I get there, the dress is there too! Imagine if  I had to get home first and then use a desktop/laptop to order and then wait for delivery? Well, mobile is the way to go! Strike one!

Next is the scenario that I am very familiar with over the years, you are out meeting a client. The meeting is in the field and halfway through the meeting, the client mentions the date, you are totally dumbstruck! It is you anniversary and you forgot! Imagine the various distressing consequences that this can have! It can possibly affect the rest of your life! Under normal circumstances, this would spell unavoidable disaster! But hey, you can pull your mobile out, start up the app and select and wonderful outfit for your wife, gift wrap it and have it delivered home with a note that says “Surprise!” and what was a sure shot disaster is now instantly one of the memorable days of the years! Strike Two!

You are travelling between cities on a business trip, on your way to meet a prospect in a new city. You are in the train and realize that your formal attire in the bag is soiled and has an ugly stain on it. Like I keep saying, pull the mobile out, place the order and it gets delivered before you alight from the train! Strike Three!

It is time for your kid to go back to school after the summer break, just about four days left for school re-opening and  you realize that some important accessories are yet to be purchased for the kid. As school is about to start, the offline retail outlets are crowded to the core and going there is next to impossible, not to mention the searing heat of summer. But you wouldn’t want a new academic year to start on the wrong note! So what do you do? Pull the mobile out, order the stuff and opt for express delivery, sit back and relax! Strike Four!

The above cases are just a few situations that I have faced over the years, I am sure that you can come up with many more such scenarios that you have encountered. All in all, from my perspective, shopping with a mobile app beats the desktop experience hands down in a lot of ways! What do you think?


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