Lenovo and Flipkart bring in a new strategy for flash sales

Lenovo and Flipkart are changing the way flash sales are held. Going by the success of the recent flash sale where Lenovo sold 1 lakh A6000plus smartphones on Flipkart, the forecast is for a strong demand for the smartphone considering its price and specifications making it one if the best buy under the sub 10k category.

P70_Dark blue_Standard_01

To address the consumer’s anxiety on the random nature of flash sales and giving them an assurance of buying Flipkart exclusive Lenovo smartphone A6000plus, a new system of getting an exclusive priority sales pass is being introduced. Here consumers who register first will be given a boost in the system to be able to buy the phone first. The pass assures the customer of a chance to buy the A6000 Plus before the next Flash Sale.

For the sale on May 12, 2015 sale, the first 10,000 consumers to register will get a chance to buy under the boost flash sale before the main flash sales at 2PM.  This variant of first-come-first-serve flash sales should also help A6000 plus fans get an assured way of getting the phone.

Registrations for the May 12 sale, started today (5th May) at 6PM.

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