After a successful run of 10 months and 10k+ households using Teewe as their preferred choice of entertainment, the Teewe team has launched an upgraded version of the Teewe experience on May 19, 2015. This is the result of intensive product iterations and upgrades to the existing software ecosystem around Teewe the HDMI Media Streaming Dongle.

Teewe vs Teewe 2


The Device in itself is a complete CPU with a Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor with a Quad Core GPU for High Performance, 1.6+ GHz and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM. Works with any TV with an HDMI Port and needs a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection to stream.

Key Upgrades:

S.No. Focus Area Improvements over Teewe What does this mean for the user?
1 Device 30% Smaller in Size. Even the trickiest of spots with the HDMI Port behind your television are even more accessible now. Just in case; the package still contains an HDMI Extender cable for your convenience.
2 Connectivity Premium Wi-Fi Chip with an Internal Antenna for uninterrupted hours of streaming Far fewer disconnections. The Teewe experience is even more accommodative of Local Wi-Fi fluctuation in your home now.
3 Content Premium Content Catalogue from Eros with over 100,000 hours of entertainment across latest and old Bollywood movies, Music and television shows. Increased content choices; Best available in India content catalogue
4 Power Supply Detachable Power Adapter and Cable. Robust power supply internals for long hours of entertainment Use your television’s USB Port to power up your device
5 Video Quad Core GPU for enhanced performance High Quality videos play without any noticeable lag or stutter.




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