‘FrndiNeed’ – Take friends along Anytime, Anywhere!

FrndiNeed helps the user to search and find friends in the vicinity and take lift, find out friends ready to hang-out, plan short group trips, share weekend trip plans and take friends along. Users will be able to send out SOS to friends in the network in the time of any emergency like Car Break Down, Life Threat etc.



You can now Request a lift from within the network of FrndiNeed. All you need to do is locate your friend and call or text asking for lift. After your friend accepts your request, the app would help you with route to reach your friend.


The Meet up Planner comes in handy when you have hours to spend during two meetings. You can plan a meet up with friend(s) and utilize those idle hours. You can invite selected friends and get an update as they accept or decline your request.



Poking a friend on FrndiNeed on the basis of their geo-location is the impromptu planning for instant get together.


The Packing Planner helps you plan a backpack trip with friends. One can update friends on FrndiNeed or on Facebook regarding your trip and you never know some of your friends might be in the same city at that time. You can catch up and create some new memories!


The SOS Alert will send out a SOS message while in distress for immediate help.


Carpooling is an upcoming intelligent feature which will plan a carpool for you based on mobility stats.


Apart from these utility features, the app lets you chat individually or form groups for all time connectivity. You can personalise your visibility individually or completely when you don’t wish you share your location. Its time you build your FrndiNeed network!


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