With new modes of public transport coming up and with constant changes going on (timings, cancellations, new routes being added/discontinued) on a daily basis, it has become inconvenient to travel on a day-day basis. To make this easier and better, An app called TransitPedia has been launched.

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TransitPedia is an app for travelling in India especially for visitors to avail of local solutions in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune conjointly founded by Vaibhav Vasa and Mehul Sutariya.

A To B Results

The application is supposedly a one stop travel solution that can lucidly outline efficient modes of public transport to assist commuters in their daily travel.The primary idea behind this venture was to have compiled “Multicity Data” in a single application. It is designed to give complete A to B solution i.e. a single application will cover the time, distance and mode of travel, displaying the most efficient and effective solutions to reach a destination which will certainly save the time and effort of daily commuters. Adding to which is the brilliant composition that will help an individual to sort the travel schedule within just 2-3 clicks. This application is completely relevant and reliable for the travelers, comprising of a structured data served online and offline with an easy accessibility consuming only 4 MB of your data pack.

A to B Detailed Results

The best feature is the ‘Filter’ feature that segregates the information available as per your choice and convenience of the mode or the boarding station. Besides the information about the transit phase, the application also provides the essential indication for the Platform Number which makes it all the more trouble-free for the passengers, a special feature which is apparently not available in any other transit application. Also, a timetable will be available that will help the commuters to form an organized travel plan even before they leave from one place to another and provides them with a peaceful journey. This ad-free app is a complete package for every commuter as it also includes the chart of exact modes and their cost valuation in one screen.


“Travelling, today, is a key priority with an average Indian person spending more than two hours commuting to work each day. Here’s where TransitPedia helps you save your time and money.” added Vaibhav Vasa, the cofounder.

TransitPedia not only eases the troubles of internal city commute but also has the schedules for travelling nationally using city-specific knowledge of public transport, which will turn out to be the most significant factor for a developing country and is also a contributing step towards the smart city concept.

“The app provides you with best routes in the city using real time optimization. The app is technologically advanced and makes a balance between the fastest route and convenient route. As Mumbai is drained in the rains this app is proving as a savior for the commuters across the city. It provides you with the notification of delays and correct timings of the mode.” Added Mehul Sutariya, the cofounder.

In cities where public transport efficiently operates end to end, the current target of TransitPedia is to provide all the details any traveler needs to travel in India, thus creating efficient schedules to ease daily commute and transforming city travel in the country. Let us try it out! What say?

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