The Curse of Surya: A Racy Thriller

Curse of Surya

When I picked up “The Curse of Surya“, I  was expecting an interesting book with a good story and a nice narration.One of my friends recommended it to me. He said that he was totally taken on a roller coaster drive of intrigue and suspense while reading. So then, I sat down with the book and boy, what a ride! Read on for more details

Curse of Surya

I haven’t read “Pitch It!”, so went in with zero expectations. And right from the first page, it was absolutely riveting to the core. Not a single slack or dull moment in the whole tale. And literally every page is edge-of-the-seat stuff.  So what is it about?

Sangeeta Rao, a beautiful and feisty reporter at Channel7 TV based out of Singapore, lands up in Agra on special assignment. There, at the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan Davies, an interesting Welsh guy. and then the chaos begins. They travel together to Mathura and there is a terrorist attack on Mathura’s Krishna Temple and a series of events turn Sangeeta and Alan into fugitives. They are now on the run from the authorities and fighting the clock to decode a series of clues in the form of complex cryptographs so that they can find the “Shyamantaka” that belonged to Surya – The Sun God. Only then will their innocence be proved. They are assisted in their quest by a stately french man called Anton Blanchard.

There are choppers, yatchs and all sorts of chases, fair share of killing and escaping. Trying to apprehend them is SP Nisha Sharma who wants them to be handed over the the law and then there are the terrorists who want them for other reasons. What happens to Sangeeta from here forms the completely engaging tale that follows.

The Swami in Mathura who plans to unearth the gem is killed by terrorist and the blame falls on Sangeeta. That is the key knot in the start of the tale.

The plot is very tightly  written  and the suspense scenes are brilliantly thought out and described in a racy fashion. The moment you think you get the story, it takes an unexpected twist. Every chapter ends in a way that you have to get to the next chapter. This brilliant thriller is written against a backdrop of religion and Indian history and the thorough research shows in the book. The author has seamlessly mixed the places and life of Lord Krishna and the fiction of his plot, penning a story that keeps us engaged and interested till the very end. A good example of well written mythology based fiction in the thriller genre.

The characters in the story are very well written and completely developed as individuals . Sangeeta is an intelligent woman while Alan is equally up to the task. Even Blanchard and SP Nisha are also very exhaustively written and fleshed out. Clearly each character has been given the right amount of attention and that helps  the entire book very credible and very thoroughly enjoyable and riveting to the core.


I was unable to put this book down after starting it. I suggest that you buy and read this one! This is an unmissable book in this genre! Great Read!

About the Author

The author, Mr. Dev Prasad, is an IT professional from Bangalore. His first book “Krishna: A journey through the Lands and Legends of Krishna”, involved five years of research and a lot of travels to Mathura, Vrindavan, Dwarka and other locations associated with Lord Krishna. As a result of the intriguing questions he has, “The Curse of Surya” was born in which he tried to address all the mysterious places and his unanswered questions. His previous book “Pitch It!” was very well received.

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