Instappy: A cloud based DIY app creation platform

What is Instappy

Pulp Strategy recently announced the launch of Instappy a cloud-based Mobile app creation platform, allows users to build intuitive, stunning and fully native applications for iOS and Android instantly. Instappy is loaded with features that, until now, were almost always exclusively available only with full-scale development effort. It equips users with a set of intuitive tools, a host of easy to integrate API’s, inventory management for retail apps and fully supported data integration. A particularly useful one is the Instappy Wizard,users can view and test their app on device in real time as they are building it. Wizard allows users to make informed choices while they create original applications for their business. Fully customizable Instappy apps can be built in the content publishing or retail apps, which come with inventory management, shopping cart and payment gateway integration.

What is Instappy


The launch comes as music to the ears of large and medium scale businesses looking for mobile application solutions to tap into the vibrant, growing portable digital ecosystem. India is ranked No. 3 in app downloads but the revenue generated by the app market in India is not in the top 5, Lack of locally relevant apps, Lack of local language content and a lack of apps that cater to the local needs of semi-urban India are the main contributors to this gap. Most Businesses have been unable to take optimal advantage of mobile interfacing due to app development being a challenging process that needs large investments of time and money and ends up being highly dependent on technical partners.

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Ambika Sharma, CEO of Instappy

Speaking about the announcement, Ambika Sharma, MD, Pulp Strategy, said, “We are an insight driven organization and strive to help brands communicate with their audiences effectively in a manner which inspires change. With the launch of Instappy we are poised to change the face of mobile enablement for businesses globally. Instappy has opened up the mobile commerce market for businesses without them having to worry about being able to “speak tech”, unaffordable costs, hidden maintenance, or months of waiting before going to launch” Instappy also has a strong online mentoring program where we will help guide businesses to make the most of their app ensuring that going mobile is not a cost head but a revenue center faster in the life cycle.

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Building Apps with Instappy requires no coding skills. In addition to Gorgeous intuitive fully customized UI/UX It offers a host of features like Fully functional built-in CMS for unlimited updates over 46 Rich media and social API’s, Reliable data backup, secure cloud hosting, Unlimited customization options, Native utility features, Built-in system for offers and deals, Push notifications in app, real time analytics, Google indexing app, free payment gateway integrated, inventory management, and more. Instappy allows apps to be built in 20+ languages including, French, Portuguese and Spanish in addition to all the Indian Languages. You can build a fully loaded app in 60 minutes and launch to store.

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The feature set and the UI is what Instappy makes such a useful tool for businesses in today’s mobile world, according to Ambika. “Instappy is the perfect for all businesses,it takes the simplicity of creating a blog and brought it to creating affordable, high quality picture perfect native applications for mobile. It reduces capital costs, eliminates maintenance costs and provides a world class cloud based infrastructure so that businesses can focus on building audience engagement, customer acquisition, revenue and relationships on mobile” she adds.

Instappy follows a subscription-based model and also has customized plans for enterprises, which may need unique integrations in their apps, or simple need a managed account.


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