Teewe Theatre brings in a torrent of fun times!

Teewe Theatre 1

Teewe has been an intriguing, thoughtful and well received device in the area of streaming sticks. Teewe2, the latest iteration has been a very clever mix of hardware and nifty feature additions to the software that constantly add value and utility to the overall experience. The latest addition in this list is “Teewe Theatre” – the fully revamped desktop app from Teewe. A very well thought out media player with a plethora of features. The most interesting one being the support for streaming torrents directly without downloading the file!

Teewe Theatre 1

So what is new about the desktop app? Well, just about everything!

Endless Movie Marathons? Binge Away!

Teewe Theatre makes it easy to find and watch exactly what you’re in the mood for. Just add your media folders to Teewe Theatre and let it work its magic. Your videos, music, and photos get categorically organized and indexed in one easy-to-navigate interface. Teewe Theatre’s improved search & filter features helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, faster.

Not sure about what to watch? Teewe Theatre brings you all the reviews and ratings of the shows and movies in your library, along with the cast and synopsis. Your favorite TV Shows get neatly listed according to episode and season so that you can binge watch continuously.

Mad about Subtitles? Never Miss a Beat!

Remember those days, when you had to download subtitle files, then upload them on your media player and finally try to sync it all together?

Time to move on!

With subtitles now fetched automatically, you never have to debate on watching your favourite regional or international content or search the entire web to find the right subtitle file. Teewe Theatre takes care of it all.  Making it even simpler, keyboard shortcuts make playback a breeze and put the control at your fingertips.

Teewe Theatre 2

Drag. Drop. Play.

Watching movies and shows has never been easier thanks to direct torrent streaming on Teewe Theatre. Users need only download the torrent files drag and drop these files onto Theatre app and start playing without downloading the entire file. (For a smooth torrent streaming experience, it is recommended to have a minimum of 4 Mbps internet speed)

Teewe Theatre is a unique and useful desktop media player that not only lets you stream, play and watch your favorite content, but also organizes it in an easy and efficient way so that you can get to your entertainment faster. To know more about Teewe Theatre, visit www.teewe.in and download the app for Windows & Mac.

I am impressed with the feature list! Let me download this one and get back to you with a full review! Wait for it!

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