3 Reasons Why Moving to LeEco Le Max Is A Good Decision

Le Max and Le 1s

A month ago I switched to the LeEco Le Max as my primary device. Like all switches of devices, I had a lot of doubts and apprehensions about it. People told me things like “New Brand, Wait!” “Big Screen will be messy” “I heard it heats up” and a whole lot of other stuff. But I persisted and moved. Right now, I am loving the Le Max. Here are the reasons why

Le Max

Design: The way the device looks and feels is absolutely top class. The metal uni-body design is very sturdy and good looking. The buttons on the side give very good tactile feedback. The response to touch is very good. There isn’t any screw or projection anywhere on any side of the device. I was impressed by the design that helps fit arguably the largest display in recent times into a  manageable aspect ratio that is more convenient than most big screen devices, even the Nexus 6 is awkward to hold. The Max is comfortable to grip in the hand.

Le Max and Le 1s

EUI: I know that a lot has been said and written about EUI. People have been lamenting about the different positioning of the app switcher and the setting toggles. My experience with EUI has been far more comfortable and enjoyable. Yes, it took time to get used to the new way of doing things. But the fact is that different device makers have been using different ways to get things done in the UI customization for a while now, like MIUI was like no other android skin when it first came on and TouchWiz was radically user friendly due to deep customization, so I don’t buy into the whole decrying the new UI that is going on. In my opinion EUI is very smooth, fast and has a light footprint. There aren’t tons of bloatware gifts on it, neither is it based on an obsolete two year old android release. My experience as a power user has been good and I have now gotten very used to it. Will be tough for me to get into an other UI now.

Le Max Back

Content and thoughtful features : The mainstay of LeEco is their huge content footprint and when they got the Le 1s and Le Max to India, they assured users that the key feature for their devices will be the large content library that the user can summon up at will. True to that, they have started with partnerships for content, starting with Eros Now and Yupp TV here in India and the content partnerships will take effect in a few weeks from now. Apart from that there are a lot of minor but key features that make the device very useful. The IR Blaster is excellent to take control of the devices in a room. The NFC and A-Beam options help fast and one-tap data transfer. The fingerprint scanner is very fast and nifty. The device supports WiHD, opening up endless streaming possibilities and hours of engaging media consumption.

All this apart from the top end specifications and the flawless performance of the device. I must also mention that the ability to play 4HD videos on such a big screen that renders them brilliantly is also a very big plus. So, if you are in the market for a flagship, I would say that the Le Max is very certainly one of the best in the business. If there are any features that you think are good and I have missed out, just let me know!

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