4 Reasons why LeEco succeeded in disrupting the mobile space

Le Max and Le 1s

About a quarter ago, LeEco, then known as LeTV entered the indian market and quite literally disrupted it and now have a very good chunk of the segment(s) they are operating in. Let us try and see what are the reasons that led to them establishing the connect and buzz that has led to very impressive numbers for them

Le Max and Le 1s

  1. The Devices – The devices are spec-ed very well. The Le 1s leaves very little to complain about when it comes to features and hardware. The price point of INR 10,999/- for a device that could give most flagships the blushes. Yes there are issues, but then, there is no perfect device. What we need is a device that serves our purpose and the cost conscious customer and from that angle, the Le 1s with a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display, 5.5 inched screen, IPS display technology, 3000 mAh battery backup and powered by octa-core processor is the ideal Superphone for content consumption as it provides the right technology for uninterrupted viewing. Additionally, the fast charging feature will ensure that you never run out of entertainment even when your battery runs out. The Le Max on the other end of the spectrum is also a performer with top of the line components that will not let you down on productivity. The company has added stuff like IR Blaster and WiMax to cater to all possible uses that you can think up for the phone
  2. The Eco-System – LeEco made it crystal clear that they weren’t just a device based setup. They are in the game to capture a user base with a scalable and well stocked eco system that will never leave you wanting for content. And that is the primary need for any mobile device user now. With internet speeds going up and tariff coming down, most online activity has now effectively moved to the handheld and any device that has a content back-end that comes with it is a definite plus in that aspect.  Buyers of the Le Superphones can expect a content ecosystem to be uploaded into its android-based EUI system in the 2nd quarter of this year since the company has already signed contracts with Eros and Yupp TV. The company has inked a deal Eros Now for Video-on-demand (VOD) and with YuppTV for TV content streaming.  According to a recent Deloitte report, digital platform like digital audio and video on demand service will see increased activity due to availability of 4G services in the country. This is a clear indicator of the opportunity that is present in the market. We believe that the next battle for smartphone domination will be fought on the battlefield of integrated services, which will include content streaming and gaming. Here again, LeEco is at an advantage as it has a long legacy of providing an ecosystem of services to its users in China, where it has emerged as one of the largest video streaming companies. The content can be viewed on LeEco’s devices that include smartphones, TVs and electric vehicles. LeEco had also started building its biggest content library with over more than 100,000 episodes of TV shows, over 5,000 copyrighted films in China. The company plans to replicate this model in India and bring its customers, a comprehensive and high-quality video experience, encompassing movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, concerts, and sports.
  3. After Sales Support Network – The company’s after-sales policies are also best-in-class with 555 service centers in prime locations in the country, besides providing 24*7 toll free services, and other value-added services.
  4. Listening to Feedback – LeEco actively listens to techies and actually incorporates the right and valid changes that are needed. They are also constantly having offline meets where the only agenda is to listen and understand feedback. Unlike other companies that are going around circles with the same guys writing superlatives about their devices all the time, LeEco actually takes the negative feedback on their chin and does something with it. They have ensured that their devices get into the hands of all kinds of reviewers and not just techies. That takes a lot of guts to do. All in all, hearing and doing is standing them in good stead!


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