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Video conferencing

Flock, the communication app for teams announced the launch of some incredibly powerful features in its constant endeavour to revolutionize the way teams communicate and collaborate. The company which is a part of the Directi Group, now boasts of significant features like Video Conferencing, Actionable To-dos, Polls, Code Snippet sharing, and Webhooks, bestowing more power to teams to ‘Get work done, faster’.

The addition of these new features is a testament to Flock’s commitment to innovate, and meet organizations’ needs for an effective collaborative communication model. Powered by these new features, Flock will not only augment the experience of real time communication and collaboration, but will also eliminate several organizational challenges for companies across the globe.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing: The appear.in integration allows high quality video calls and conferences with up to 8 people, thus helping teams to organize online meeting from anywhere and at anytime. The feature also supports audio calls and screen sharing.

Actionable to-dos: This feature allows users to create to-dos and assign responsibilities among team members and track tasks to completion with ease.

Opinion polls: This feature allows users to quickly create polls and mini surveys in Flock within groups, and to get real-time results in the chat window itself.

Code snippet sharing: Developers can now download, forward, edit and reuse code within Flock itself. Code snippets shared in Flock can also be formatted according to the syntax set. Sharing code among developer teams has never been easier!

Webhooks: Webhooks as a tool enables communication between Flock and an app or service in real time. Users can now build Webhook integrations and get notifications set in any external app or tool that they use, within a Flock group. One can effortlessly link other apps and services, social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc., and get immediate and relevant updates on the fly.

URL Unfurling: Instant in-line previews of shared web content like articles, websites and tweets are now available in Flock. Users can now decide how important the content of the web page is, even before visiting it.

What’s more, to add more personality to conversations, users can now share GIFs on Flock with a simple slash command.

Team Flock_Surge

The collaboration app by the Directi Group, garnered a ton of interest at the recently concluded SURGE Conference and Exhibition. Flock’s new features created quite a buzz across the conference among both startups and the tech community.

The Flock team used the SURGE event that was held in Bengaluru on 23rd and 24th February as a platform to showcase the new and improved Flock client with features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, to-do lists, polls and file sharing. The event was a roaring success for Flock, as it helped garner instant feedback from the market for the new features of the product, as well as getting a whole set of new adopters. Among the attendees, the developers were particularly interested in Flock’s new ‘Webhooks’ – a tool that enables communication between Flock and an app or service in real time. A notable feature that won Flock accolades was its slick, clutter free and easy to use interface and its unparalleled user experience across devices and platforms.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co Founder, Flock said, “Web Summit needs no introduction, and we are extremely happy to participate and exhibit Flock in the first edition of SURGE. It is undoubtedly the epicenter of the finest entrepreneurial and tech minds, and we are glad that we got to showcase Flock to them. Many organizations are yet to realize the true potential of enterprise messaging and collaborative tools like Flock, and we wanted to reach out to them and create an impact. Flock managed to get a lot of attention and support from the tech community, which is a great achievement for the team”.

Web Summit, one of the most influential tech and startup events globally, launched its Indian edition as SURGE 2016. The summit saw convergence of some of the biggest and most influential names from the startup and tech communities from India and abroad. In its inaugural year, SURGE received over 5,000 attendees from more than 72 countries. Flock participated as an exhibitor, and got the opportunity to engage with an overwhelming number of attendees on both days of the conference.

Flock has recently added new features including Video Conferencing, To-dos, Polls, Code Snippet sharing and Webhooks to allow fast moving teams to collaborate efficiently.

About Flock

Flock is a free enterprise communication and collaboration service for enterprises that is designed to enable people to get work done faster. Flock simplifies communication within teams and enables quick communication across multiple platforms without the need for IT admin support. It is scalable to any number of users and has a simple, clutter-free and intuitive interface synced across multiple platforms. Flock is the perfect communication tool for fast moving teams and organizations. It is available for download for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Chrome from flock.co

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