Lot of rumors around LeEco’s Mega Event tomorrow

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After truly disrupting the smartphone market in India and globally, the internet and technology conglomerate, LeEco is working towards unveiling its second generation of Super products in Beijing on April 20th, according to market speculations. This much anticipated event reportedly called, “Your Eco World. Connected” is expected to be attended by possibly 9,000 guests, including media, fans and influencers.

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While it is very tough right now to get visibility into the products and services that LeEco will launch at the event, according to credible sources, Jia Yueting, the founder of LeEco, will announce the release of 4 cross-industry smart devices. LeEco is an internet and technology company, that has 7 sub-ecosystems, including internet and cloud, contents, big screens, phones, vehicles, sports and Internet financing. Therefore, quite possibly, LeEco will also announce other products or services, based on the company’s tradition of launch events.

However, industry and media speculations are varied. Some industry analysts are speculating that LeEco will launch the second generation of Le Superphones, following the incredible response received on its Superphones launched last year.

On April 14th, LeEco released two phones, Le 1 and Le 1 Pro in the market followed by the launch of Le Max in July. On October 27th, it launched its flagship killer Superphone Le 1s. On the other hand, some Chinese media experts are predicting that LeEco may release its latest content strategy on April 20th or even unveil its first electric car.

LeEco unveiling its first electric car on April 20 seems believable since the company has already announced its Super Vehicle’s global brand as “LeSEE” at an April 13th event. News report from the same event confirmed that LeEco would showcase two of its newest IOV (input and output visualization) products in addition to its exciting concept car in Beijing Auto show on April 25th. So there’s a possibility that LeEco will unveil its first electric car on the April 20th event before the April 25th Beijing Auto show.

A straw in the wind for industry analysts and LeFans appeared especially after the company held a Hardware Freebie Day on April 14th, where the company handed out hardware for free to users if they purchased a certain membership for content. For example, a user got a 40inch Le Super TV for free if he bought three years of super movie & TV content membership for 1470 Chinese Yuan (INR 15,125). The same package used to cost 3169 Yuan (INR 32,605) earlier inclusive of hardware TV of 1699 Yuan and 3 years membership of 1470 Yuan. On the “Hardware Freebie Day”, LeEco not only generated sales of 2.36 billion Yuan (INR 24.3 billion), (most of which came from content sales), the company made 7 industry records e.g. single-day sales across ecosystem, single-day membership subscription sales, and so on.

The internet major boasts of having a powerful content ecosystem that has one of the world’s largest content library, including more than 100,000 episodes of TV dramas, 5,000+ copyrighted movies, and the rights of nearly every major sport game and live concert around the globe. The vast repertoire of content endears Le Super products to consumers.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow, this will be interesting!

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