Social Media Week is coming to Bangalore and here’s why you should be there

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Social Media Week is an massive global event where anyone who is anyone in the digital and social space gets together at the same time in multiple cities across the globe to exchange learnings, thoughts, strategies and tips on how to do social right and there is an overriding theme for every year. This Year’s SMWi is coming to Bangalore on 9th and 10th June 2016 and here is why you should be there

SM Key

If you are a Social Media Professional, this will be the best place to meet and greet the authorities in various disciplines of your line of work. There will be a ton of opportunities to network and actually talk about issues and remedies to them. You will also benefit immensely from the various keynote and panel sessions. They are always about the current and coming trends! The sheer experience and depth of knowledge of the people you meet there is such that you will be unable to see a similar depth anywhere else. It’s like the ultimate fountain of knowledge

If you are a brand manager/ Comms expert, you can connect with the right agencies, the right consultants and even the right audience to help with your buzz. Every professional who is worth her/his salt in digital is there and every agency is there to talk about best practices and associated pitfalls that they encountered on various campaigns. Also as a brand manager, if you can get your brand to associate with SMWi, the buzz that the brand can derive from the association is amazing! Brands like IBM, Intel and Startups like Mango Man have used it as a platform to get into the heavy weight league for buzz. And if your brand can get in on the action, there will be global and exponential traction. No second thoughts there at all!

If you are a student of Social Media, you will get to run shoulders with world class professionals who are quite literally writing the book on Social and Digital! Take a look at the speakers and you will understand what that means! The access and chance to network with the best of the best! Remember to carry a ton of business cards and be there for all days! You will love it!

For me personally, just being associated with the event has meant a manifold leap in credibility and the ability to get into the A-List. So come and attend, you will certainly gain a ton of value! See you there!

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