Prysm pioneers Collaboration as a Service, launches mega screens

Prysm Visual Workplace

Prysm Inc. (@PrysmInc), today introduced a new 85’’ and 98’’ LCD display that will enhance the collaboration across the enterprise. The company demonstrated the display in conjunction with the new Prysm Enterprise solution and Skype for Business integration. The enterprise solution is a segment definer in terms of the fact that Collaboration as a cloud based service has not been explored prior to this at an enterprise level as a packaged offering

Prysm Visual Workplace

Today’s collaborative decision-making process is increasingly reliant on combining data from multiple locations and sources in real time. With a stunning screen resolution and a user experience that is immersive and engaging, this larger screen serves a need in the market for larger, fully integrated Visual Workplace solutions for a new generation of multi-purpose conference rooms. The integrated digital canvas allows users to share, annotate, and edit office docs, web apps, multimedia files, and video from multiple simultaneous sources including laptops and mobile devices. Content can be positioned and resized dynamically through multi-user touch. These capabilities along with a larger, standard screen size offers a breakthrough collaboration experience that raises team productivity and engagement to a new level.

“With the release of our new 85’’ and 98’’ LCD display, we are providing our customers with yet another option for their collaboration requirements,” said Jason Smith, VP of WW Sales and Operations, Prysm. “With screen sizes ranging from the largest custom video wall all the way to mobile devices and any size in between, only Prysm has such a wide range of display options available as part of our Visual Workplace platform.”

 The Prysm 85’’ and 98″ displays are already available in India.

We were invited for a first hand feel of the solution and how the system works, and it was truly mind bending in terms of the sheer ease of use when it comes to collaboration across locations and functions. These futuristic displays can pull in content and artifacts from any software and work space solution that enterprises are currently using.

The collaboration solution has been thoroughly thought out. It can easily be instantiated on any device that the modern and upwardly mobile workforce can use, ranging from phones, tablets, PCs to mega large touch screen devices. The OS of the user device is not a factor in any use case, so whether you are on a Mac, PC, Surface, Android phone or sitting in a conference hall with a mega large touch based control unit, the solution just works seamlessly.

It is worth mentioning that existing conferencing APIs have been incorporated into the solution, hence if the enterprise is working on Skype for Business or Polycom based video calling facilities, it is all the same.

We had a great time trying it out and feel that this one will be a great asset to firms looking to increase meeting and collaboration productivity and cutting down incidental logistic costs! We will be watching Prysm very keenly going forward.


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