LeEco Le Max 2 – Truly Super Phone?


Over the years, the definition of smartphone has undergone several changes. Between 2013-2014, smartphone manufacturers were focused on creating the slimmest possible phone which faded away rather quickly. Then came 2014 where the focus shifted to offering some speculative camera specs to users, a trend that responded to the Selfie phenomenon. This also coincided with various innovations in touch screen capabilities. Well, 2016 so far been the year of large screen ‘flagships’ and smartphones pioneering never-before technological innovations. At a time when the industry is at a critical junction and is going through a massive change, the global internet and technology conglomerate LeEco comes along and adds a whole new dimension to the future of smart phones through Le Max2. Le Max2 has taken the battle of the processors to a whole new level.

Max 2 - 1

Incorporating powerful processors in smartphones are in response to the rapidly changing lifestyles and higher consumers’ aspirations. The fact that smartphones have been adversely affecting the sales of other electronic devices such as desktop, TVs and laptops suggests that they’ve become a one stop shop for users. Therefore, it is critical for smartphones to be backed by powerful processors that allow users to multi task and give them a seamless experience. This is where LeEco’s Le Max2 leads over other flagships and is a clear winner in the smartphone sweepstakes in India.

At the heart of Le Max2 is the world’s most powerful processor, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 (MSM8996) and features the high performance combination of 4GB RAM + 32GB on board memory or 6GB RAM + 64GB on board memory, pushing the limits of the industry to new heights. Realizing that RAM & ROM are essential elements in a phone, LeEco has come up with 2 variants for Le Max2 so that customer can choose as per their needs.


Le Max2 offers the latest in mobile technology to its users in all respect whether they want to capture or playback 4K video, or in 3D gaming or multimedia with next generation Qualcomm® Adreno™ 530 GPU. Snapdragon™ 820 also enables 2X power saving compared to the previous generation.

LeEco’s Le Max2 continues to generate a lot excitement among tech and gizmo experts with its high-end specifications and irresistible features. Coupled with its competitive pricing it is now not only a must-have but also a best buy for thousands of eager consumers. This Superphone is certainly in a class apart when compared to its peers and has a definitive edge given its unequaled content ecosystem proposition, world’s first CDLA standard and best-of-breed features.

All this coupled with more superlative features surely makes Le Max2 an all-rounder and undoubtedly the leading model in the industry. If you don’t want to miss the bus, register now for Le Max2! Already underway, registrations are open till 28 June 1PM followed by the flash sale at 2 PM on the same day.

Following are the portals for potential users to get registered for the sale!

Registration pages





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