What’s New in eui 5.8

LeEco has recently rolled out EUI 5.8 update over the air for its second generation Superphones – Le Max2 and the Le 2. It is based on Android Marshmallow and brings in tons of improvements for the users. Here are five great features that the consumers can enjoy with this new EUI 5.8

Phone Manager

EUI 5.8 brings in a new and improved phone manager that gives you more control over the data usage. You can now choose which individual apps can use your Wi-Fi and or cellular data. In addition to this, the power saving management comes with a lot more functions that enable you to optimise your battery usage.

phone manager

App Lock

With the EUI 5.8, users can make their Superphone more secure by enabling apps lock. This feature allows users to lock individual apps on your phone via a fingerprint or a passcode and thus ensure that the information stored in the app does not fall into wrong hands.

Long screenshot

Many times, users want to capture screenshot of the entire page and not just what is there on your screen. Up till now, consumers had to take multiple screenshots and try and stitch them together. But now with the EUI 5.8 on a LeEco Superphone you can do the same easily.

Very large font size

To make text on the phone larger and more readable, now users have the option of selecting “very large font size”. Now select text size depending upon the font size you

Music app

The update also brings in new and update music app, which has a refreshed UI. There are also more sorting options like sort by genre, name, albums and time. All these are to ensure that consumers can find the track of they are looking for faster.  In addition to this, for the music buffs who like to make tweaks, the updated app also has an equalizer.

music app

LeEco’s EUI (Ecosystem User Interface), is the first smart operating system across all devices. Based on the vertically integrated Le Ecosystem featured by Platform + Content + Device + Application. EUI aims to improve interactive relationship between people and the ecosystem, break the boundaries between application and service. Provides Cross Device Synergy across Superphones, TV, Automobiles & VR.

With the new features that are rolling out as part of eui 5.8 for the next gen devices, it looks like the overall user experience with LeEco devices is all set to get better and look a lot more unified across devices. This coupled with the eco-system that gives solid content options to the user, makes LeEco devices a great value proposition for the buyer.


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