Here’s Why I Am Not Rushing To Buy A Pixel Phone

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Ever since the first Nexus device came along and quite literally took the public discourse by it’s head, all android power users eagerly wait for the next google phone and most of them go for it. The Nexus devices have for long been a beacon of all that is light and pure for the android world. The phones also baked in the latest and greatest version of android for which many other OEMs took months or even a year to roll out. But is the scene the same with the newest Pixel range of devices from google?

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The Pixel phones are not quite a simple extension of the now iconic Nexus line. The Nexus devices stood for the fluid and top of the line devices that gave you a very smooth and totally untainted android experience when you got them. There was also an assurance that whenever there was an update fro Google, the Nexus devices always were the first in the queue to get them. On that front, nothing much has changed when it comes to the Pixel devices too. They too will get the latest and are carrying the stock experience. But then, there was another important thing that the Nexus devices stood for – affordability without compromise on features. And that is one place where the Pixel range changes the game.

Google used to treat the Nexus range more as a showcase of the latest android brew which was the purest, and have tried the same with the Pixel. But one key thing that is amiss this time lies in their otherwise strong suite – the software!

Many android loyalists like me are still looking for a compelling reason to move to a Pixel. Alas, there isn’t any good one yet. The latest android version is something that just about every OEM is getting ready to roll out soon. And that changes the equation completely. Phones like the OnePlus 3 are all set to get the latest android version and some value added features packed into an update soon.  So the novelty of the latest is gone.

Now moving on the to the “greatest”angle. Is there enough in the new android features that will make me get impatient and go buy a Pixel just to get my hands on it? I am afraid that the answer to that is not in the affirmative.

There really are no ground breaking features that I need to get now and immediately. There is nothing that is going to change my day to day experience drastically. Google has been going to town with the fact that they have the AI powered assistant baked into the new version. Given my experience with Google Allo that came with it first, I am not very impressed with it. Actually, I am not even fully convinced that I want in across all apps and functions on my phone. So, not excited there at all. The other big thing is the move to a Pixel easily functionality. Well, that is something that can be accomplished easily with existing apps. Not really a new thing that will knock my socks off.

The final message that Google has been trying to nail hard into the minds of buyers is the fact that the Pixel camera is amazing and earth shattering! Well, I am not so sure there. LeEco, Huawei, Xiaomi, ASUS, OnePlus and many other device makers either have better cameras in their devices already, or are working on them as we speak.

So, all in all, I am not very excited to go get my card out and get online to order a Pixel phone. Not unless it makes Coffee and writes all my articles for me! What do you think? Let me know!


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