Coinsecure Launches India’s First Real Time Bitcoin Trading App


Today, Indian Bitcoin exchange, merchant services, and blockchain leader, Coinsecure, launched its mobile trading application for Android. This real-time Bitcoin trading app is ideal for active traders on the go. Coinsecure aims to target India’s ever growing Mobile user base. This is a huge step towards getting an increased number of users started with Bitcoin.


While the trading app is one of many applications the Coinsecure team has been working on, CEO and Founder, Mohit Kalra, sees this particular launch significant stating, “With over 190 million smartphone users in India, putting a technology so disruptive like Bitcoin in their hands is a win – win situation.

Coinsecure’s mobile app is India’s first real-time Bitcoin exchange app. While the app targets traders, it is also simple and easy for a beginner to use. The app enables users to buy, sell, send, receive and accept Bitcoin with ease. The app also displays live order books. Users can place their bids and asks, withdraw and deposit funds, check pending orders, all with the click of a button!

Coinsecure strives to ensure that users can retain a stellar experience across all platforms. Desktop web was our first build. A mobile app for multiple devices is the next step in bringing Bitcoin to India”, said Benson Samuel, CTO and Co – Founder.

Coinsecure first launched its Bitcoin exchange in January, 2015 with the intent of bringing Bitcoin to India. Coinsecure’s exchange is the only real time live spot trading exchange in India with fully open order books. Coinsecure additionally provides customers with a merchant payment gateway, a variety of wallet services, and a public API. Earlier this year, Coinsecure announce their Series A raise of 1.2 Million USD. Most recently, Coinsecure announced partnerships with BitPay for merchant services and with OKLink for remittance services.

Coinsecure is taking the lead in bringing Bitcoin to India.


Benson Samuel and Mohit Kalra, founded Coinsecure with the mission, “Connecting India to Bitcoin.” Coinsecure works to educate and enable individuals and businesses to leverage Bitcoin and Blockchain technology through the first and only INR based blockchain explorer, an open order book exchange with a comprehensive API, mock trading platform/testnet, paper wallet services, an online wallet service and merchant payment gateway. Coinsecure has successfully created a strong foothold in India with the highest liquidity and volumes. Coinsecure’s head office is in Delhi and houses the banking, compliance, accounts, legal, management and advisory teams. The development center is in Bangalore. Coinsecure is in the process of completing a Series A round with 1.2 million USD in.

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