Why AI In Hiring Is Good For Job Seekers

AI In Hiring

As I am writing this,, there is a big hue and cry about AI and automation taking jobs and IT sector workers being the most affected. There has always been a big fear psychosis in the human mind about automation taking over anything. Add AI into the mix there and there is the perfect recipe for people to try and run it down as detrimental. AI playing a role in hiring has been having mixed reactions. But when you look at it clearly, AI in hiring is actually good for job seekers, here’s why I think so

AI In Hiring

Before we get into the discussion, let me clearly give you a disclaimer, we will not get into the ethical or labor law side of things in this one. I will try and talk only about how technically an AI enabled hiring function is better for job seekers than just the traditional hiring that we are all so familiar with. To help in discussing clearly, we will go point-wise to get to the key issues here.

AI can add Context To Candidates 

With the introduction of online recruiting and keyword searches, the average corporate recruiter’s job became easier, but there was still plenty of room for improvement. Most Recruiting CRMs (Candidate Relationship Management) systems deal with hundreds of resumes and corresponding data, but the game has changed. According to Jamie Lawrence of HRZone, the explosion of social media and other job board sites have increased available data sharply, with over 90 percent of that being unstructured and qualitative. For recruiters, no matter how experienced or adept their systems are at matching keywords, it is still very possible to miss that important nugget of information about a candidate if it is buried within raw or unstructured textual forms of data.

Contextual, cloud-based searching catapults recruiting into the Age of Artificial Intelligence by using the kind of intuitive text-based searching which could be suitable for data mining from social media, in short the entire internet which is filled with data in unstructured formats; rather than relying on the more limited supply of structured data. By doing so, the recruiter is less likely to miss a relevant candidate and the agency isn’t losing its potential fee.

AI supports Internal Resource Mobility with accurate analytics

As companies seek to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment, sufficient access to adequate talent becomes ever more vital and a high priority for enterprise success. As a result identifying, hiring, developing and retaining the best possible Talent Base is now a C-Level priority. Unfortunately, far too many HR departments do not have the capabilities or resources to assure success in this vital area of competitiveness. The concept of Internal Mobility has evolved to address this global environment. The thinking behind the idea of spreading talent around an organization and developing greater mobility of the talent base is well intentioned. However, lacking the necessary insights and analytics of your organizations Talent Base can make such mobility a major source of tension and operational efficiency.

This is an area where AI can seamlessly integrate analytics and intuitive reporting combined with real-time and sustained resource management to make the internal resource mobility scenario smooth and very aligned to the needs of the enterprise that keeps changing very often based on ongoing projects and new conversions

AI is unbiased

This one really takes the cake when it comes to benefits of AI in hiring. Sometimes human recruiters following the traditional hiring process have a tendency to nit shortlist eligible and capable candidates due to systemic and inherent bias. For example, if someone has had a break in their employment or if someone has had success as a consultant and is looking to convert into full time employment, the traditional hiring process flags them as not suitable due to existing societal bias that has become deep rooted in the system. Look at an AI enabled shortlisting system and you will see that the bias is gone and all that your enterprise gets are the best horses for the courses. This is good for the enterprises but this is quite literally a boon for job seekers as it drastically improves their possibility of getting shortlisted for an opening that would have otherwise never come to them in the first place

So these are the three broad reasons why I believe that AI enabled hiring and products like Spire TalentSHIP will actually be good for job seekers. Let me know what you think.

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