3 Standout Features Of The Honor 8 Pro That Make It Totally Worth Waiting For

Honor 8 Pro

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has been going from strength to strength in the recent past and the company has thrown it’s weight around the devices to make this happen. The newest addition to the Honor family is the Honor 8 Pro that is slated to hit the Indian market in July. Here are three standout features of the Honor 8 Pro that make it totally worth waiting for

Honor 8 Pro

The Honor 8 Pro is the best phone that Huawei’s sub-brand has come up with so far. It has a lot of great things going for it. But there are three things that standout and mark it as a superior smartphone and here they are.

Dual Camera Setup

Huawei is the early mover in the dual camera game and they have completely mastered the fine art of making dual camera the USP and not just something that is there. The combination of monochrome and color sensors to smartly weave the magic to capture vivid detail is something the  Honor phones have been doing for a while. The camera app is also very intuitive and has nifty features like the wide aperture mode and vivid color capture toggle that can make your smartphone photos look very nearly like the ones that are churned out by DSLRs. This is a Big Plus. Immense value add to the end user.

QHD Display

The phone has very minimal bezels and comes with an absolutely stunning QHD display. The screen to phone ratio and the display take the experience a notch higher. Agreed that the human eye cannot discern the difference between a FHD and a QHD screen under normal circumstances, but when you have high-res content to play in the form of videos or games, it makes a world of difference. There’s also the fact that better resolution adds more punch to VR content consumption.  Honor 8 Pro’s Quad HD display boasts performance that’s close to cinema standard, delivering visuals with the highest levels of color accuracy and detail. What’s more, it comes equipped with both a cardboard and the Jaunt VR app, meaning you’re just a short step away from the exciting world of VR – whether it’s gaming or amazing 360° video experiences.

4000 mAH Battery

The 4000 mAh high-density battery works seamlessly alongside the latest SmartPower 5.0 technology to give you 2 full days of regular use, and nearly 1.5 days of heavy use. The powerful battery also fits perfectly into the ultra-slim device body with guaranteed safety.

Given these three features – The Honor 8 Pro is certainly worth the wait.

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