Smartron Partners With Flipkart To Design And Engineer The Billion Capture+

Mahesh Lingareddy - Fouder and Chairman - Smartron

Smartron, India’s first global technology OEM and IoT brand, collaborates with Flipkart as the Design & Engineering partner for Billion Capture+. This partnership is Smartron’s first step in their ‘Powered by tronX™’ program to extend the tronX™ ecosystem to third party brands. The program is aimed at giving partner devices, whether they are smartphones or computing devices or wearables or smart home things, access to tronX™’s assistive and predictive AI capabilities. tronX™ is India’s first AI powered IoT platform and through this partnership, Smartron will extend all these capabilities to the users of the Billion Capture+ devices in the future.

Billion Capture+ is uniquely placed to delight Indian consumers looking for a phone made for India. The phone with a host of in-demand features like dual rear camera, long battery life, Quick Charge™ and more also boasts of the tronX™ platform that offers free & unlimited cloud storage for saving all those memories that users create through the device.  In the next tronX™ update soon, users will have access to a range of highly intelligent, localized and personalized experiences and services through tronX™ launcher and predictive and assistive voice assistant optimized for Indian languages and accents. Starting Nov 15, Billion Capture+ powered by tronX™ will be exclusively available on Flipkart.

Commenting about this partnership, Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder and Chairman, Smartron said, “As India’s first global technology OEM and IoT brand, Smartron is committed to building a robust product ecosystem for connected devices in India through “Powered by tronX™” program. The tronX™ intelligent software platform is going to be instrumental in this endeavor. We are excited to be the Design and Manufacturing partner for Flipkart in bringing smartphones to Indians under Billion brand and are confident that this partnership will prove to be the first big step towards our vision of an enhanced indigenous ecosystem of connected devices and intelligent experiences which will be at par with global innovation standards.”

A kind of next gen intelligent OS, tronX™ offers a rich, seamless user experience and delivers highly intelligent and personalized experiences, services and care for personal, home, health, education, infrastructure, enterprise, energy and agriculture markets, all driven through the power of IoT and AI with voice, touch, gesture enabled solutions focused on Indian languages and accents. For mobile devices, with every user being different, tronX™ tailors the experience to cater to each one in a way that’s most personalised and non-intrusive. Right from deep partner integrations for travel (flights, cabs), entertainment (movies, music, events), e-commerce (shopping, budgeting, health), payment (utilities), financial (insurance, stock, retirement), news, and smart home experiences for the end consumer.

With this launch as the first step, Smartron aims at partnering with other brands across market segments to Design and Engineer devices, things and systems powered by tronX™ that will bring in a new era of convenience and highly intelligent experiences to consumers and businesses alike.

Smartron was founded with a vision to build India’s first true global technology OEM brand that is ‘Designed and Engineered’ in India for India and the world. Smartron developed and introduced a very unique and innovative tronXTM, an AI powered IoT platform offering highly intelligent, personalized and seamless experiences, services, and care through range of next generation smart devices, things and systems targeting personal, health, home, education, enterprise, infra, agriculture and energy verticals. Smartron is also leading the efforts to build a robust product ecosystem around tronX under “powered by tronX” program.

The brand Billion was launched this year with the belief that Indians are unique in many ways and hence products need to be designed for them and tested in real Indian conditions. Billion is committed to manufacturing all products in India, and currently delivers to Indians a range of #MadeForIndia products across categories like mixer grinders, irons, T-shirts, backpacks and cookware.

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