Fedora 27 Now Generally Available


The Fedora Project, a Red Hat, Inc. sponsored and community-driven open source collaboration, today announced the general availability of Fedora 27, the latest version of the fully open source Fedora operating system. Fedora 27 delivers separate editions of the operating system, each designed with specific use cases in mind. At launch, Fedora 27 Atomic Host and Fedora 27 Workstation will be available, with the Fedora 27 Server launch expected in the coming weeks.

All editions of Fedora 27 are built from a common set of base packages and, as with all new Fedora releases, these packages have seen numerous tweaks, incremental improvements and new additions. For Fedora 27, this includes GNU C Library 2.26 and RPM 4.14.

Fedora 27 Atomic Host
As Linux containers increasingly form the foundation for modern applications, Fedora 27 Atomic Host provides a minimal footprint operating system to help users take advantage of cloud-native and composite applications on both bare metal and cloud platforms. Refreshed approximately every few weeks to more quickly bring new enhancements and improvements to end users, Fedora 27 Atomic Host provides a base image for creating virtual machines, an Atomic Host image for creating hosts for container deployment and a docker image.

New to Fedora 27 Atomic Host is a consolidated storage setup based on OverlayFS which simplifies the setup of container storage. Services like Kubernetes, flannel and etcd are now also containerized by default, which makes it easier for users to choose different versions of these services in Fedora Atomic Host or even to not use these components at all. Finally, Fedora 27 Atomic Host now offers System Containers as part of the Fedora Layered Image Build Service (FLIBS), which expands and simplifies how users can install system infrastructure through containers.

Fedora 27 Workstation
Providing a powerful developer experience as well as an easy-to-use desktop for traditional users, Fedora 27 Workstation adds GNOME 3.26, the latest version of the GNOME desktop user interface (UI). GNOME 3.26 adds a new and improved Builder IDE with contextual popups, improved search functions and a new debugger. For traditional users, the GNOME desktop brings color emojis and factional scaling support for high DPI screens.

Additionally, Fedora 27 Workstation brings the capability to use no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscriptions on Fedora 27. Using GNOME Boxes and with a free subscription through the Red Hat Developer Program, Fedora 27 Workstation users are able to run multiple self-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscription virtual machines right from their desktop.

Fedora 27 Server
While not a part of this release, Fedora 27 Server is scheduled to be available in the coming weeks, providing a new modular approach to traditional Linux server roles based on the Boltron preview.

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