5 Reasons For Young Indians To Buy The Honor 7x This Holiday Season

Honor 7X Rear Camera

Honor is a brand that has steadily built itself into the top in India and this has been on the back of some pretty power-packed phones that they have come out with. over the past years. Honor has ensured that they hold and continuously engage the buyer with their value proposition. The latest addition to their lineup is the Honor 7x and it has been received really well. Here are five very good reasons to buy the Honor 7x

It is very difficult to first create a loyal user base and then also make them upgrade to your new device regularly. Honor has sort of mastered that now. Without further delay, here are five reasons to buy the phone.


Honor has the distinction of being one of the few mobile brands that has never ever been designing clones of any other phone. They always have had their own design language going and that has always given their devices a stylish and unique look. The Honor 7x also takes that legacy forward. When you pull this phone out and use it in public or just leave it on the table, it very definitely makes heads turn and look at it. The design gives it a feel that is on par with the top end flagships of today and given the price that it sells for, the young Indians will find this ideal to fit into their active and stylish lifestyles


The Honor 7X is powered by Huawei’s own Octa-Core Kirin 659 processor with a MaliT830-MP2 taking care of graphics for you. When we were trying it out, even with our heavy usage, the performance was very fluid without any lag or stutter and the phone handles multi-tasking as well as gaming with ease. It comes with 4GB of RAM on board and this is one of the key reasons for the handling of heavy tasks or gaming very fluidly. The key factor here is the fact that it runs cold most of them without any sign of heating. If you are a heavy gamer or a regular consumer of streaming data, then this is the phone for you.

Dual Camera

Honor in particular and Huawei in general are masters at the dual camera game now. It has been a while since they started setting the trend with great dual cameras and the Honor 7x is no exception to this.  It is equipped with a 16MP rear camera with LED flash and a secondary 2MP camera. This combination of two cameras in the rear make it a very efficient one for churning out great pictures regularly. The phone does extremely well when it comes to taking pictures even in low light conditions. The monochrome mode in the Honor 7x is also very good and makes your pictures stand out like professional ones. The bokeh mode on the dual cameras is also excellent. Today, the young ones are all about pictures and capturing moments and that makes the Honor 7x a great choice for them. Having said so much about the rear camera, it must also be stressed that the front 8 MP shooter is no slouch either and churns out very good pictures.

Battery Life

Young people lead very  fast paced and exciting lives today. They move around a lot and are online for a long time. Their smartphones are like extensions of their personality. It is like they have an extra organ in their body.  Given that fact, it is extremely important for the battery of their phone to not let them down whenever they need it. The Honor 7x is ideal in that department too. It is equipped with a huge 3340 mAh built-in battery under the hood and has also optimized the battery consumption which can take you throughout a day on both casual and bit heavy usage as well in a single charge. What this means is that on a single charge, the phone can get you through more than 14 hours of regular usage and more than 12 hours of moderately heavy usage. This is a great thing to have when it comes to gaming or streaming or both.

Honor 7x Rear View

The Price

Come to think of it, the best factor that swings any purchase decision is the price. The Honor 7x is a cinch here too. Given the fact that it comes with 4 GB RAM and is available at Rs 12,999/- for the 32 GB variant and  Rs 15,999/- for the 64 GB variant, the purchase is a no-brainer. There really are very few options that pack so much power and features at that price range.

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