Here’s Why The Honor 7x Is The Best Choice For A Budget Dual Camera Phone This Year

2017 has been a great year for smartphone buyers. There have been a series of very good and powerful devices that have marked this year. one of the key areas where innovation has happened is the dual camera feature. There are very good and efficient implementations of this available  in the market now. Honor is a segment leader in this department. Here is why the Honor 7x, the latest from them is the best choice for a budget dual camera phone in 2017

The dual camera setup is not as simple as adding another camera and shipping it off.  The real point of the dual camera is that it should technically help you take better pictures every time you use it. There has to be a smart coupling of two cameras that have two different functions that work together to get more information gathered for you. In some cases it is a combination of a normal and telephoto lens that can get this done. In other cases, it is a combination of a color and monochrome sensor that does this. After this, the software and the phone work together to take the two pictures and stitch them together to give you a very impressive photo that has more detail and looks professional.

Honor 7x

Honor, as a brand are one of the earliest movers in this space. They started years ago and have had so many iterations of dual camera phones that it is now like second nature to them.  Every single Honor phone that had the dual camera has always outperformed its peers at the photography game and been better by a long distance.

The Honor 7x is no exception and among all the dual camera phones that came out in 2017, it has the advantage of having a very reliable and consistent dual camera and at the same time priced at a point where it is going to put a dual camera in the hands of everyone without burning a hole in their wallet. Let us discuss this in detail now.

Honor 7x Front

In the Honor 7x, the primary shooter is 16 MP, which is backed up by a secondary 2 MP lens. The purpose of this second lens is to pull off the currently-ubiquitous ‘portrait mode’ shots that apply the Bokeh effect that makes the background blurred and the subject sharp, the resulting pictures look very impressive and professional. But that is not the only good thing about this setup, the camera UI comes with a plethora of options.

You can switch to monochrome mode very easily. The combination of the two lenses where one captures mono images comes in handy here and performs very well. The best monochrome images are churned out effortlessly. Then there is the very nifty long exposure mode where you can actually capture light trails and actually paint with light while a picture is being taken

The two lenses also make for a great wide aperture mode that delivers the bokeh for you. When used in this mode, you see that the Honor 7x has the software and hardware combination working in synergy to first cut out the object in focus very sharply and then blur the background artistically. The UI allows you to control the granularity of the blur. The results make you look like a professional photographer.

The beauty of this whole thing is that there are other devices that excel at all this but none that are available at the price. They are top end flagships that will burn a serious hole in your budget. What Honor has done with the Honor 7x is to make an excellent dual camera phone that is aptly supported by the hardware and software and priced it starting at Rs 12,999/- Just thinking of that price point and all the features we discussed earlier makes one thing clear. The Honor 7x is the Best Budget Dual Camera of 2017 and stands head over shoulders of competition. It is our pick as the best overall budget phone of the year too.

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