Infosys and MongoDB Partner to Drive Application Modernization Initiatives


 Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services, and MongoDB, the database for giant ideas, recently announced details of a global partnership designed to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and application modernization initiatives with next generation database solutions.

Infosys and MongoDB will help new and existing customers address the key pain points of cost, performance and scalability across legacy applications. As part of the partnership, Infosys will scale the talent base to 1,000 consultants on MongoDB and enhance consulting capabilities based on MongoDB technology.

In pursuit of these objectives, the companies have established a joint Innovation Lab in Bangalore, India. The lab houses a dedicated team of trained MongoDB architects. These experts are developing and enhancing tools and best practices to help Infosys customers with their application modernization initiatives. This lab is equipped to handle proof-of-concepts and rapid application prototypes to support customers with their MongoDB requirements.

Ravikumar S, President and Chief Delivery Officer, Infosys, “MongoDB is proving to be among the most disruptive database solutions in the digital transformation space. Through our collaboration, Infosys can help organizations realize the full value on MongoDB to quickly and efficiently create state-of-the-art, high performance and scalable applications. Our relationship with MongoDB and decades of association with our longstanding customers gives us the knowledge and insight to help our clients modernize their mission-critical applications.”

Dev Ittycheria, President and Chief Executive Officer, MongoDB, “Infosys is at the forefront of helping the world’s largest enterprises strategically transform their businesses to become more agile, innovative and competitive. This partnership will tap into the huge market opportunity of replacing legacy, monolithic applications that are inflexible to change and unable to scale with high data growth. This partnership is a giant endorsement of our technology and our business, and an even bigger opportunity for our joint customers. Together, we combine the three pillars needed for success – outstanding technology, the right skills, and the business smarts to deliver excellent results. Infosys strengthens our ability to tackle very large scale, mission-critical applications and accelerate growth for the company.”

The partnership addresses the challenges organizations face as they attempt to unleash the power of data and capitalize on new market opportunities. Existing applications built on inflexible, legacy database technologies are costly, difficult to maintain and fail to meet the needs of modern applications. Organizations recognize they need to re-platform applications, but have concerns about operational risks. They are looking for a partner that has the playbook for successfully managing the transition to the new enterprise data paradigm, and the skills and experience that are often hard to find in-house. Together, Infosys and MongoDB bring the scale, expertise and technology to deliver on application modernization programs at a global level.

The partnership is already driving innovations for the creation of best in class industry solutions built on MongoDB. For example, the Infosys Digital Agri Solution is a unique technology that enables agriculture companies and farmers to increase crop yields based on real time data and IoT technologies. Another example is the Infosys Field Services Command Center, an IoT-based solution for large-scale manufacturing and industrial companies which captures real time machine diagnostics to understand customer usage patterns and enable predictive maintenance.

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