BOSCH SG is now SEG Automotive


The well-established starter motor and generator division of the Bosch Group has completed its transition to an independent company: it will operate under the name SEG Automotive, effective immediately, including the local division SEG Automotive India.

The new name is testimony to over a century of history in the development and production of starter motors and generators as well as a future-oriented focus on e-mobility. The company will continue its success story under a new owner, under the leadership of Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co and an investment group. SEG Automotive India is an integral part of the global growth and production strategy.

Mr. Anil Kumar M R, Managing Director, SEG Automotive India says: “The name is new, but SEG Automotive is committed to continuity, especially in terms of location strategy and our employees. Their many years of experience in the company, competence and commitment contribute significantly to our success. In the future our locations in India will play an even more important role in the worldwide SEG Automotive business, and continue to be an attractive employer in India. We strongly collaborate with our customers to remain as the preferred partner in the automotive industry”

From the very beginnings of the automobile industry to the future of mobility

More than a century ago – in March 1914 – Bosch presented its first electric starter motor for vehicles. It replaced the arduous and often hazardous cranking by hand. The year before had seen the introduction of the “Bosch light”. It powered the first electric lights for cars – and is the origin of the generators still commonly in use today. This Bosch division went on to continuously improve the efficiency and functionality of starter motors and generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles – by inventing the trend-setting Start/Stop, for example. With its highly innovative BRM (Boost Recuperation Machine), SEG Automotive is now paving the way for a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly hybrid technology for vehicle manufacturers and their customers: the BRM enables regenerative braking and energy storage via a 48-volt electrical system to save fuel, enable a performance boost when passing or even to “coast” with the engine switched off.

CO2 reduction for all drive technologies

The new company is committed to further expanding its contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions from passenger cars and commercial vehicles in order to address the challenge of climate protection – globally and across all drive technologies. Even though e-mobility continues to gain ground: the combustion engine will remain a pillar of individual mobility worldwide for many years to come. This presents vehicle manufacturers with major challenges with regard to reducing fleet consumption and requires new solutions to achieve climate protection goals (i.e. CO2 regulations).

With the BRM, SEG Automotive already offers a technology for hybridizing gasoline and diesel engines in a cost-effective manner. Through the use of BRM, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 15 percent.

Advanced start/stop technology, as well as high-efficiency generators from the SEG Automotive portfolio also provide significant CO2 savings. The efficiency gains accomplished by these technologies are not just a matter of theory and only relevant on the test bench: SEG Automotive products reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions under real-world conditions every day.

Continuity despite change

From the outset, the new company will be one of the most significant suppliers in its market segments. With 16 locations worldwide, over 8,000 employees and a powerful product range, SEG Automotive is strongly positioned across the world to meet the current and future challenges of automobile manufacturers. At the crucial points, the company goes for continuity: all locations will be retained, the focus remains on highest product quality and innovation through powerful engineering – and the journey towards e-mobility that started with the development of the BRM will continue.

The new name is testimony to the importance of this product segment for the company: the established SG (Starter Motors & Generators) is being expanded by an E for “Components for Electrification”. The management team that has made SG so successful in previous years will continue to ensure SEG Automotive grows profitably over the long term.

Ulrich Kirschner, CEO of SEG Automotive, sets the new name in the context of the corporate strategy: “With our product range, we efficiently support automobile manufacturers worldwide in the reduction of CO2 emissions – regardless of the drive technology. Together with the new owner ZMJ, SEG Automotive has a great potential for innovations and further global growth, in particular in the significant Chinese market.”

 SEG Automotive is closely linked to the history of the automobile. Emerging from the BOSCH Starter Motors & Generators division in 2018, the company stands for more than a century of innovations in this product sector: from starter motor and generator to Start/Stop and mild-hybridization. SEG Automotive is actively shaping the automobile industry’s journey from the combustion engine to electrification by delivering efficient solutions for CO2 reduction – regardless of the drive technology. With 16 locations in the most important automobile markets in the world and over 8,000 employees, SEG Automotive offers a network that guarantees the highest level of engineering and production expertise worldwide – from Germany to China. Technology leadership and highest quality standards set the products apart: almost all automotive OEMs worldwide are relying on SEG Automotive’s tailored solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The Zhenghou Coal Mining Machinery Group Cp., Ltd. (ZMJ) was established in 1958. Today, ZMJ is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of mining machinery. ZMJ is listed on the stock exchange in Shanghai and Hong Kong. With the acquisition of ASIMCO, a significant Chinese automotive supplier, ZMJ established the automobile sector as a second pillar of its business operations. In acquiring SEG Automotive, the Group is taking another logical step to becoming a global player in this sector. The Group comprises a total of 22 subsidiaries, stock companies and holdings worldwide.

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