Huawei Completes Certification with Hortonworks to Provide Competitive Big Data Solutions through its Universe Analytics Platform

Huawei’s Universe Analytics Platform has been certified on Hortonworks’ Quality Assured Testing Suite (QATS) to flexibly and efficiently use the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to provide services for customers in a stable and high-performance manner.

Huawei Universe Analytics Platform and Hortonworks Data Platform have completed the first round of version compatibility testing (also applicable to future product versions) of QATS. The test covered all 23 functional dependency points and the pass rate was 100%. This cooperation will ensure seamless integration of the products provided by both parties. QATS is a product integration certification program designed to rigorously test platforms and solutions, including software, file systems, next generation hardware and containers, with HDP.

For Huawei and Hortonworks’ customers using Huawei’s Universe Analytics Platform will now deliver accelerated and enhanced business outcomes, including:

  1. Enhanced data governance and insights: Data scientists, big data administrators, and business departments can now perform simple operations to quickly build a Universe Analytics Platform on the Hortonworks Data Platform to provide data governance and insight services.
  2. Continuous collaboration: Ongoing R&D means the two parties will develop standard test case sets and routine update mechanisms to ensure continuous product compatibility and high-quality customer service.
  3. Customer peace of mind: The certification helps protect customers’ investment and provide more choices in big data infrastructure and big data analysis capabilities.

“The combination of Huawei’s Universe Analytics Platform and HDP will benefit our respective clients and provide them with peace of mind that the combined solutions have been tested and certified to work together,” said Kamal Brar, VP APAC, Hortonworks. “We’re excited about the inevitable acceleration in technical innovations that this relationship is being designed to foster, the result being smarter and more agile businesses.”

Jim Li, the General Manager of Big Data Analytics Domain at Huawei, said, “Mutual certification enables seamless connection between the FI-Universe Analytics Platform and Hortonworks products. We can use HDP’s data storage and computing capabilities to store and calculate massive data, and at the same time leverage the Universe Analytics Platform’s advanced data collection, data governance, data exploration, data analysis, and insight capabilities in various domains. In this way, we can help customers quickly and flexibly implement big data analysis with higher quality. We cooperate to provide an integrated, open, and self-service big data analysis platform environment so that different enterprise teams can easily collaborate with each other and use big data.”

Huawei’s Universe Analytics Platform is an integrated and unified business intelligence platform featuring an open architecture, intelligent learning, industry experience, leading technologies, and service experience. It has won the TM Forum President’s Award, Most Innovative Tool for Driving Real-Time Intelligence, and Informa’s Telco Big Data Analytics Platform. It has been adopted by multiple global mainstream carriers. At year-end 2016, 100+ Universe Analytics Platform projects had been implemented globally.

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